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One Reason Why an Imbolc Ritual Might Be a Good Thing February 3, 2009

Posted by frostwolftfirerose in Mystical.
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I have been understanding myself more and more as a fellow who is attracted to power (which is in part the reason that I like to write plays and wish to try my hand at other forms as well).  My teacher points out that power/energy is all around us, and we need to study and become aware of the energy streams that surround and permeate all things. 

I blogged yesterday about the Imbolc-Belatine window and its difficulties for me.  Well, I need to take that raw energy and utilize it somehow.  And as the person who enjoys the ceremonial magick of ritual, I can focus that energy into a form that will push despair and “angstiness” away.

Tomorrow I believe is the feast day for the orixa Oya.  Her powerful and uncompromising energy (I think of her as the African Kali) can be called upon to push the debris away and to help with airing situations out.  It seems fitting that she should be feasted during the Aquarius month.  Surprise and shock, originality and “what’s your problem?” attitude combine in the sign.  (She might be a defacto ruler of the sign were there a planetoid that bore her name.)

I will have time tomorrow night.  Today is the actual day that the Sun hits 15 Aquarius, however.  Still, my Mercury is at 20, and it might even be better for me to wait until the weekend.  Eager, eager I am…


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