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Imbolc – Beltaine window February 2, 2009

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The next three months are killer for me.  It strikes me as somewhat ironic that it should be this spring window that I find so difficult.   I read that the season begins at this time because it’s when calves are being conceived, but also because we really start to see how the light is changing and getting more and more.

For me personally, I also feel the energies shifting in the dirt below us.  The soil starts to have a different sort of electricity.  It adds to my own feeling of stir-craziness.  Fittingly, Candlemas or Brigid or Imbolc or whatever one desires to call this sacred day occurs in the “electric” sign of Aquarius.  Thinking about the people I know who are Aquarian, I realize there is a curious combination of the depressed and the sunny.  Aquarians really do seem to embody the turbulence of this time of year, and Pisceans continue that thread, though it becomes “watery.”

Regarding the light, I can testify that yesterday’s gorgeous sunlight had me feeling a bit of joy.  Oh, how I wished I could be doing other things than what I had going on yesterday!  I really wanted to go work out for example, either at the gym I just joined or by trying to learn cross-country skiing at a golf course or some outdoor activity.  Instead, I diligently followed my food program and got my food ready for the next few days.  I had to content myself with spending a bit of time with my kitty Samson out in the backyard, which is blanketed with snow that is brittle on its surface.

I certainly don’t begrudge the time it takes to make my food–most of the time.  I felt a bit resentful about it yesterday though.  Really did not want to be engaged in what I was engaged in, but oh well.  The price I pay to be abstinent

True Imbolc happens when the sun reaches 15 degrees of the sign, which I believe happens in 2 or 3 days.  I need to plan an Imbolc ritual for myself to channel these delicious, but volatile energies into a vortex of change and possibility.  This is a time to plan and to plant seeds indoors.  It is of course a good time to start planting a few starters for the garden and to figure out what we’re going to put where. 

I spend a lot of time at my job.  As part of using this energy, I need to find the appropriate energies and intentions for my work.  Aquarius is about long-range vision, and I have one.  I deeply desire to be in a “synarchic” community, one where every person is their own authority and can speak their mind.  Boy, do I desire this.  Let it begin with me, is all I can say.

Btw, last week I started to post something and I had second thoughts about it.  It’s a book review and I’m letting it sit for a couple of days.  I didn’t feel it was as comprehensive as I wanted it to be, and it also was off-the-cuff, and I felt a need to give it a bit more thought.  I hope to post it another day this week.



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