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Homophobia = Bestiality? A Proposed Godwin’s Law Corollary January 29, 2009

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Warning:  This is a “three fingers pointing back at you” post.  

Lately there’s been a lot of neanderthalism coming from the stoopid ‘Merkkan troglodytic far-right that has been creep-creep-creeping out of its hidey hole into the realm of the Eloi.  I’ve come across quite a bit of projection in the media of late, that GLBTQ folks are also dog/cat/sheepf-uckers.  While quite a few people challenge this notion, the dogwhistle-attentive media seem to pounce on it out of desperation to “keep drama going,” and the publicity-whoring wingnut characters (and who’s to say who’s just putting on a show vs. the out-and-out batshit crazy?) revel in the attention.

Anyway, I was also wondering about this compulsive need on the part of fundy xtian pSychopaths of all sorts to link us gay folk to interspecies intercourse.  Personally, I think this should be a Godwin’s Law sort of thing:  Just like we understand that 9 times out of 10, when someone links x to Hitler, they lost their argument (no matter what it is), so too it should be that when a group is linked to either pedophilia or bestiality, then they too have lost their argument.

But because it involves the personal, I’d go just a little bit further than that.  I’d also suggest that these obsessions point to a deeper and darker shadow on the part of the accusers.  I don’t much doubt that there is some element of toxic shame that has built up to cause someone to, as I read on some blog or other, dump their projected shame and ugliness onto someone else and point the finger at them.  Because we are exposed to SO MUCH of the toxic sludge that tries to pass itself off as “discourse”, we really owe it to ourselves to apply that child rule “Yeah, you are, but what am I?” to the folks who make these accusations.  While the accusation may be an exaggeration of their own shameful events, there is something there that lurks in their subconscious.

Now, we can’t expect the dogwhistle media to actually pursue the whole truth of a matter.  The more I read about “reporters” and “journalists”, the more I see frustrated actors, directors and screenwriters who have been shunted off into creating artificial dramas that get as thin as the lamest sitcoms.  The he said-she said artifice that equates vEmpire homophobia with truly empirical and accepting observation provides me and anyone else only an opportunity to either a) walk on by or b) to engage in talking over the troglodytes and screw the “referee” (something Dan Savage has done and very well, I might add) or c) to really attempt to “make it boring” and to gently try and direct the other side to consider Al-Anon–“try six different meetings to see which one is best for you.”

“We only offer suggestions, but keep an open mind before deciding whether the program is for you.  You may not love all of us, but you will come to love all of us in the same way that we love you.”




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