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Pluto in Capricorn/Sun in Aquarius January 21, 2009

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The last time Pluto transited Capricorn was in the years leading up to the American Revolution (and then the French as well).  The Sun and Pluto are in a semi-sextile relationship since yesterday.    This is a minor aspect, and as such doesn’t really carry much weight in chart analysis, but I thought it was interesting that it should coincide with the Inauguration, which evidently occurred under a VOC moon.

Lately I haven’t really been all that interested in astrology.  I know the craft fairly well, but it hasn’t been singing to me much.  Not like other forms of divination.  That being said, I do pay a bit of attention to where Mercury goes retrograde (right now retro in Aquarius, returning to Cappy before it goes direct), and I also pay attention to the larger movements of Saturn and the outers. 

FYI, I look at astrology “belief” as a red herring–to believe in astrology can be taken two ways, the way it is usually read (i.e., the “what” or the content of astrology as a literal field of study), or the way I mean it, as a mode–the “how.”  When a person believes in something, they will for example, believe it in English.  Or in German.  Or in Medical-ese.  In poetry.  In Comic Books.  Or in Astrology.  So I feel the notion of believing “in” astrology is the equivalent of believing in French or playwriting.  As modes, you can obviously believe “in” them in the accusative meaning of “in” as opposed to the dative. 

(If we want to get technical, I may have beliefs via astrology or English or the Drama and Poetry.  The question of believing in astrology as a field, imho, is a squirrelly, and subsumed by the larger question about the utility of belief in and of itself, a question that the more I am exposed to my own and others’ B.O.S.’s (belief operating systems) becomes more suspect.)

Anyway, in paying attention to Pluto and its larger movements, and in meditating upon its place in my chart–in Virgo, in the 5th House, widely conjunct Uranus which becomes unified by the opposition to Chiron, aspecting my ascendant, moon and Neptune–I see that I have a sympathetic interest in this particular time frame.  Both Virgo and Capricorn resonate to the earth element.  My Virgo Pluto-Uranus in 5 has led me to an abiding interest in writing transformative and lightning bolt sorts of plays.  I’m eager to decode some of the earthly element of the Pluto in Capricorn time through the language 0f the dramatic medium.  Yet it feels like a slow, glacial process.  Again, the movements are quite dramatic underfoot, but well, well below the surface. 

(chip chip chip)

Both Capricorn and Aquarius have Saturn as a ruler of their signs.  Uranus also rules Aquarius, and some astrologers consider it to be a subruler of Capricorn as well.  Over the next year or so, Uranus and Saturn dance in opposition across Pisces and Virgo (having started on election day and becoming exact FIVE times with their various retrograde/direct movements)  with their last exact opposition being in early Aries and Libra, squaring Pluto in Capricorn.  Funny how it’s all tied together…

So while the Sun in Aquarius in the semisextile is not really meaningful by itself, I also felt fascinated that yesterday marked the Dow Jones sinking below 8,000.  (“How low can you go?  How low can you go?”)  I opened up my belatedly forwarded 401(k) statement and saw that it had lost 25% of its value in the last quarter.  A sense of vertigo and attendant sputterings came over me, but I have been expecting this for quite some time. 

And someone on a forum website asked the question “What is happening that people aren’t paying attention to while the inauguration proceeds?”  Hmmmmm….  There’s quite a bit to that.

I feel that Pluto in Capricorn portends a thorough refashioning of the notions of status and wealth, of governance structures and business arrangements, of feeling innately the place of this planet in all of our dealings and that if we cut Gaia out of the equation, we cut off our noses to spite our faces.  Capricorn represents LIMITS.  And Pluto entering the goat-sign compels us to understand and embrace these aspects or to suffer the consequences.  That the sun has moved into Aquarius just blows a bit of air onto the situation.  It might give us a bit of relief, but Aquarius too has its fixities and inflexibilities.  And the new moon coming up this weekend will feature an Aquarius stellium, including Mercury retrograde into the mix.

Wonder what sort of blusterrific  situations will start to emerge then.



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