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Getting into Winter January 20, 2009

Posted by frostwolftfirerose in Capital Region Notions, Mystical, Personal Journey.
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A couple of days ago, a guide of mine–Taliesin–told me that I am drugged.  There are complex reasons for this, one of which is that I work in a cubicle, but the drugs that swirl in and through me come from various places.  The most pernicious and destructive has been diet soda, and I am going cold turkey on that.  Debt is another one, but I feel that something naturally evolves there to put me in a more receptive place around that issue.

I asked T. about seasonal affective disorder, and he said that the way out of SAD was through, to more deeply go into winter rather than to fight against it.  I was actually eager to do this–I luv-luv-LOOOOOOVE winter!  So I donned my winter duds and walked up to Prospect Park and communed with the landscape, the pine trees, the snow, the ice, the chickadees darting in and out of the pine branches. 

I felt a calming grace fall over me, and a bit of the drug-fog cleared.  I’m back at work today, so it’s back, but I have the memory of winter’s gentle cleansing light.

While I was there, a couple other guides appeared, and we had an interesting conversation about … things.  I did two big magick spells over the past week, and I will be eager to see how a copule of entities work with/around/through these spells.  Both are merely exaggerations of what these entities are already doing.  My theory is that more of what didn’t work yesterday will eventually lead to the bottom we all require in order to move forward with our individaul and collective misisons. 

Ben Franklin’s subject seemed to reflect back to me that one of my spells was working.  I can’t say that I see that as of yet, but there are feelings that have to clear before anything obscured by the present moment becomes available for awareness.  As to the other entity, things progress a pace, and I eagerly await the news I will celebrate.  Though I don’t think I’ll  be able to say much here about it. 

Over the weekend, the thought crossed my mind that people who are paying attention to the local, to their bioregion, to the people who they see everyday are somehow “traitors” to the vEmpire country/system.  And in a way it is true.  When a person sees the various air-castles created around this globalization notion (which really has been nothing more than a world-wide extortion ring of mammoth proportions), the scoundrels around us all who would relish our continued participation in their dry-sucking of us Eloi-style sheeple will be spewing the traitor epithets.  (That is already happening in different parts of the blogosphere, I know.)  And perhaps not so ironically, they would be right.  Just acknowledging one’s human connection to real food, clean air and water, to natural fabrics, etc., does renders one traitorous to a vEmpire intent as it is on including “profits” associated with toxic spill clean-up, pollution futures, armament sales, burials of soldiers, “sick care”, etc.  If a person genuinely wants to create better lives for themselves and for their communities, then yes, they are traitors to the ‘Merkkkan cause, yessireebob.

“Why canchu just go inta yer trailer and eat them thar cheez-doodlz and ding-dongs and Krapt Mak-n-Chiz and watch teh damn Nascar already?  Hi-falutin’ treehugger wussies!”  Like these people have anything that’s even I might find desirable on a basic level. Guh buh!

In any case, with all the different energies that swirled around me, I must say mostly that I was alive to the magick of the snow, the ice, the blues and greys and light pinks I saw in Prospect Park and I let it infuse my golden spirit with its brisk bluish snow-fire-manna.  Ashe!

Today, I watched the Inauguration, btw.  I cried at the John Williams arrangement so wonderfully performed by that quartet.  I turned my back to the TV screen while ffffRickin’ Warren gave the invocation, and I felt Obatala hover over the conference room table.  As the invocation went on, I silently spoke the 5 points of the Iron Pentacle, trying to make the points around (Sex-Self-Passion-Pride-Power, in that order) into a mantra.  As i did so, I saw my aura expand in a silver-gold glow, and I felt angelic wings sprout from my shoulder-blades to envelop me with protection and care.  Whatever egregores lived inside the words of that speech bounced off that protection. 

I was clean, unsoiled.

I will probably blog about BHO’s speech some time later.  Maybe tomorrow.  My initial reaction was:  Good speaker, holds one’s attention.  The sentiments were contradictory and confused, most especially that “we’ll defend our way of life” but we will reform how we utilize the resources we all have to share.  Hmmmm.  Seems mutually exclusive to me.  But perhaps “our way of life” is something other than Darth Cheney meant?  To be defined, I guess…



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