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Holding Pattern January 14, 2009

Posted by frostwolftfirerose in Civilization Anonymous, Mystical, Personal Journey.
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I imagine that some things have already happened.  I imagine that certain vEmpire Entities (“vEs”) are no longer.  The news stories relating to these vEs speak reflects the self-destruction of these entities mostly through their own incompetence, overreach and hubris. 

Their apologists project onto the rest of us the very behaviors for which that they are on the hook, and it’s amusing to me that they really think that if they point at this minority or that perceived-to-be-less-than group, that they will fool anybody.

Most of us have already been exposed to drunks and druggies.  To our eyes this isn’t much different.  I beat a dead horse on this score, but we are witnessing a whole passel of people who are resolutely attempting to avoid hitting bottom.  I don’t know how many of them will survive these next few time clicks (and I can’t be specific about whether it’s years, months, weeks, days, most likely NOT hours, but then what do I know?), but the more they resist the harder the impact’s going to be. 

I know these things, lots of people know these things, many without knowing they know.  But we are currently in a holding pattern.  Some people are gripping on like it’s the top of the rollercoaster ride.  And that may very well be just what we’re about to experience.  But I like to remember how easy a lot of difficult work has been once I get into it.  This holding pattern is a lot like the notion of “I should go to the gym” and the understanding that once you actually get there and start a workout regimen, you feel better.

Some people are trying to think of possibilities for us that are “present-time.”  Like the relocalization, secession, and student-loan-forgiveness movements, for example.  I wait for the understanding of where to put my prodigious energy.  There are obstacles, and some of them are voluntarily ingested.  (Soda with Aspartame seems to be one of my addictive barriers for the present time.)  But they only make me a mite impatient to “get on with it.”  I’m doing what I need to do.  Whether it’s magickal workings or showing up to my life or my altar practice.

I see that I am to be a multi-pointed focused fellow–one who can maintain a “diffuse focus” (if you will) amidst various dimensions.  (Dementias? :))  This is a part of my pathway, I see.  The person I wish to become–snap! I already am.  I am an angel with wings you can’t see.  I am a god who knows his work and his joy and his whole beautiful self in all his parts! 

Come dance with this divine being!



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