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Glacial Pace January 13, 2009

Posted by frostwolftfirerose in Mystical, Personal Journey.
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To contemplate the paradox of the glacier and its “slow and steady progress.”  What seems slow to one on the glacier is actually quite fast as far as what is going on underneath the surface.  With each day of my practice, I do this teee–I-ney little bit of stuff.  But it has far-reaching effects, like the butterfly in Osaka that flaps its wings and the ripples eventually cause a tornado in Omaha.

(“Damn jap-perflies,” I can hear a cornhusker sayin’ even though a grasshopper flitting through a field of maize starts the process of wreaking havoc in Cochabamba! Et cetera et cetera…)

There seems to be a tag-cloud in my life around the terms “divine discontent” and “collaboration.”  I tried to show up for my writing last night, but nothing came.  Sometimes I see I try to force things.  Though in reality, it’s more like that sick feeling one gets when there’s a false alarm of having to vomit.  We’ve probably all had that feeling, where we rush to the toilet and hover over the bowl and … zilch.  The upchuck does not chuck up, but chooses to stay in the alimentary canal causing its discomfort.

(Though I don’t mean to imply creativity feels like vomiting.  Sometimes the pressure to create feels like that, but not being in the zone.)

All this being said, I’m in awe of the power of the small gesture.  The power of laying on the ground and uttering some loving and kind prayers of acknowledging who I am as a child of the universe.  Some magickal occurrences take place in the various worlds where my being partakes.  I feel there are some rather huge movements coming up for me, and I only have the vaguest sense of where they will take me.

(And by the way, “Yea.”)

I have some way cool assignments going on.  My basic toolbox of magick is mostly complete, but the work will continue I know.  It excites me to keep going on this path.  Nature’s bounteous creation impels me forward.


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