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Prophecy January 7, 2009

Posted by frostwolftfirerose in Mystical, Personal Journey.
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When I first really started to get into the multiversic stuff, I saw that I was exposing myself to all sorts of … weirdness.  I have a pretty good sense of a gut feeling about things, and with all this 2012 stuff for example, I really do think that it is going to end up being pretty mundane in the moments of experiencing it.  Wherever we are in the almost 4 years time between now and 0 Capricorn 2012, it pretty much will have the same sort of impact as the ball going down on Times Square.  At least that’s my gut feeling.

Not that it couldn’t be still momentous, mind you, to our January 7, 2009 mindset.  There are quite a few dominoes to fall and quite a few apocalypses to push us forward.    (Apocalypse in the sense of veil-away-rippings.)

I read in an online book that I accessed through a product review on LATOC’s forum that prophecy, at least on a macro level, is pretty much useless, and I must agree.  Accessing prophetic material is really meant for personal use and should be acted on within small communities.  Many times, prophecy and the like are good for planning ahead.  I should hope that at the very least, a person who experiences mediumistic information has to go through a process of awareness, verification, acceptance and then acting upon their newfound abilities to divine and intuit what is around them. 

Just because one starts to delve into the mystical doesn’t mean they have to give up their B.S. detectors. If anything, the B.S. detectors should be utilized 24/7, IMHO.  Just as there are charlatans out there who wish to part a person from their hard-won earnings, there are also etheric tricksters who wish to steer people down destructive paths, just because. 

At least so I’ve heard.  I’ve encountered a few myself, and they really are EVERYWHERE.  They especially love to live as the unseen egregores of reality TV programming.  (The one for Project Runway is pink and would like to see serial killing become a fashion statement.  “Our next model, Dexter, comes down the runway wearing a suit made out of used AK-47 casings, carrying the latest model.  Why, he’s turning it at the Bryant Park audience–let her rip, Dexter!!!  (But please don’t shoot the Heidi, or you’ll be OUUUUUUUUT.)”

I divine things all the time, and it’s an everyday occurrence.  A part of me feels sad that it’s become just another part of my day.  I drew the 7 of swords today, which typically means that there’s a lot of disinformation out there trying to hide singular truths.  For me, tarot is about larger situations, the runes are about my personal energies/opportunities, and I’m trying to figure out where the Ogham fits in, though I think it underscores one or the other of the tarot and runes and it acts to show where my predilection of energies will head.  (I drew Fehu and Oak in those modalities, respectively.  Fehu means it’s a good day for creativity.  I experience Oak to be a fullness and a feeling of self-possession.  The personal seems to be preferred to the larger world today.)

My counselor gave me an assignment to project myself in my best possible future 5 years out, then to work backwards from there.  This to me is also a form of active prophecy.  I get to envision the future as I want it.  For instance, I want for 5 years from now (2013), for the mass awakening to the fact that the U(INO)SA as a dead issue to have happened years ago.  That I live in a new nation based on the bioregion of the Lower Northeastern North American Continent, and didn’t move anywhere to become a new nationality.  I envision that I am well-regarded as a creative fellow, as a magician, as a leader and teacher, as a gourmet chef dedicated to healthy and delicious eating habits, as a musician and as a community organizer.  My plays are published–I envision seeing a whole shelf of plays that go from Mamet to Miller to Moliere to Morell and then after me to Muller, O’Neill, Osborne, etc.–and I also have a couple of albums and DVDs of performances of my calling south performance style out.  I sometimes go on tour, and I have lots of sex.  I am still in my relationship with my partner of today, and we both travel, sometimes with each other, many times not.  We both respect where we are called and work with each other when we can and when we are so called to do so as well.

There’s more to it than that of course, but what I need to do then is to envision the things that need to happen and the people I need to work with and get acquainted with in year-out #4 (2012) and so on and so forth down to a month from now, what do I need to do/have done for the 3 months out and 6 months out and 9 months out and 1/2/3/4 years out time periods.  Prophetic planning if you will.

This is Obatala and Orunla work.  This is Oxumare and Damballah work.  This is Star Goddess and Melek Taus/Dian-y-Glas/Shaitan work.  Freyja and Odin.  Ceridwen and Hekate, and so on.

Holarchic really, emanating from myself as one part of the macrocosm but also that the micro work radiates out and returns in perennial feedback, sometimes positive, sometimes indifferent or negative.




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