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The Only Prayer That Works December 30, 2008

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is “May you know [insert god-concept here]’s will for you.”  To a person who is afflicted with the disease of authoritarian-punishing-deusitis, this may sound like a curse.  Wev.  To someone like myself who has a polytheistic and monotheistic and panentheistic notion of divinity, I hear it as music to my ears. 

Today, I drew the Princess of Cups, the Elhaz rune (protection) and Honeysuckle from the Ogham.  When I asked the Tarot what card represented 9-11, the Princess of Cups came up.  So I always need to pay attention to what is happening in the world on these days.  I’m struck by my multifaceted reactions to the Israel-Gaza situation.  These days, I feel a knee-jerk reaction against Israel, if only because I see the government of that plot of real estate as mini-Me to the “Dr. Evil” character, GWB and Dick “Cunt” Cheney play in the Globalization Cinema of Doooooooooommmm.

People who have gone over recently and visited the bastard child of Anglo-American Codependence (c. 1948) have discovered that lo and behold, the Israelis are projecting their own satanic side onto the Palestinians and attempting to obliterate them.  We have heard for decades about those poor Israeli victims, and I don’t want to demean people who have lost loved ones, but that includes the Palestinians too–In Lak’ech, after all.  The Israeli is another Palestinian and vice versa.

Because there is such a desperate attempt on the part of the Israelis not to see their own role in this situation and because they can’t really bring themselves to admit that the real reason for their existence as a nation is that Britain and America had an Al-Anon slip and tried to force a solution that has rendered that section of the world unreasonable with and without knowing it, there has been a concerted effort to equate anti-Semitism in general with criticizing the leadership of said plot of real estate that sits on the Eastern shores of the Mediterranean Sea with a port at Haifa and a disputed and arrogated “capital” at Jerusalem.

For years I was the opposite, reflexively pro-Israeli.  But I see that enduring years of all sorts of campaigns against this, and for that, and seeing war-war-war wherever one goes adds up to quite a taxing toll on any one’s psyche.  I can’t tell the number of times I have seen Jewish friends bristle when someone tries to remind others of the humanity of everyone involved.  Jehovahsatan is alive and well in their hearts, and of course they don’t know and can’t and won’t see it.

Jane Hamsher at FDL has noted that the subject matter is so compromised by this neoconservative effort to conflate criticism of Israeli policies with anti-Semitism so as to cause reasonable people to gingerly step around and change the subject because tempers are too raw and childish howls of WAAAAAAAAAHHHHHmbulances could be just around the corner.  People with eyes to see, hearts to feel, ears to hear see that there are two sides to the situation, and that both sides have their value and that both sides have their serious distortions. 

But, like the accusations of “conspiracy theory” that shoot down honest inquiry and truth-telling, yelling “anti-Semite” at people who have a beef with Israel is just way too much of a bullying tactic that no one really need stand for.  Yet, it takes a couple of strong people to say these things, and it takes a willingness to stand up for oneself, and I applaud Jewish people who are saying “We gotta walk the walk, schmucks!” to their own.  Thugs wish to conflate ethics and justice with self-hatred.  It doesn’t matter whether they are “gangstas” or goombas or neocons or what have you. 

Anyway, I feel I got off on a digression there a little bit.  Putting the Princess of Cups, the Elhaz rune of protection and honeysuckle together, I get the sense that there are things happening in the world that are 9-11 size, and that even so, I’m protected, most especially as I dive within my being.  And perhaps in so doing, I will effect some healing in the immediate vicinity as well as perhaps in the larger world.


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