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Writing and Faith December 23, 2008

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Last night as I was walking home from the bus stop, I had this thought that emotions play a huge part in my writing.  There have been times when I’ve tried to force my way through writing some piece, and I’ve mostly been dissatisfied with the results when I do this.  Sometimes, if it is for a real live production and I’m being called upon either by an actor or a director to make some changes for tracking purposes, I have to put any emotion to the side and “make it so.”

With other scripts, there is a simmering process going on, and I can try to hurry the process along, but it’s a little like watching a pot and waiting for it to boil.  It’s not going to happen any sooner, so I might as well do other things. 

My ego operates frequently to want me to show up to the page, and I feel pain when I sit there and nothing comes up.  I also feel pain when I feel like I want to write something new r/t revisioning something I’ve already written that I’m not happy with.  Here’s hoping that working the Iron Pentacle points will assist with that desire! 

I do know that with My Littleton Play for example, trusting that I would understand why I was writing something the way I was writing it would eventually come forward, will reap more benefits than trying to jimmy something to my intellectual liking.  My intellect is too dry a force to create however.  I need my full capacities.

Last night, I also started reading an essay by Scott Russell Sanders about American Literature and how it was influenced by the wilderness that surrounded our forebears.  Mr. Sanders discussed how few writers these days seemed to include much about their places.  Given the sterility of our existence, I certainly see that.  One of the things that J.H. Kunstler said in The Geography of Nowhere was that there was a certain non-descript element to suburbia that reflected a whole set of violences that were going on, not the least of which was the violence being done to our own children.  I worked on the index for that book, and I’ve thought of it often over the years, particularly as relates to the Columbine massacre which sparked My Littleton Play (which is in some ways “My Columbine Play”).

Geography has played a huge part in almost all of my writing, even the interior plays.  As I open myself to experience, I glean that much of what I have written in my younger days has resonances that come from past and future selves (including my current self at age 44 going on 45) and that the writing I show up to these days also has to do with those past, present and future selves–perhaps even pre-1964 and post-this-life’s-endpoint whenever that may be.  Time and space and specificity of place. 

Last night after paging through the essay–for some reason I’m suffering from some emotional form of ADD these days–I started writing a short little play.  I know who the actors are who I want to play the parts.  And I know it has to do with this very subject.  Again, I feel some pain about it, because I’ve begun a couple of other pieces and this one grabbed my focus.  I think it’s only 5 scenes though, and another script I’ve started, also set in a particular place (though one of wilderness), will have to wait.

These are “luxury” problems however.  I feel much of the time a frustration that I can’t get to the page as much as I would like.  Today, I have a couple of things to write.  An embarassment of projects really.  And I’m contemplating a couple of other pieces I have started, some from years back, realizing that I need to not only invite deities in but also the spirits of the land, the neighborhood, the house, the cities and the region, and the Akua Kini. Huh!  That makes for quite a social process! 


Tis a gift sometimes to be a writer.  And though sometimes it sucks to be me, other times I’m really truly blessed.



1. anotherworldcitizen - December 23, 2008

I saw the set of tags on this and it intrigued me. I am glad I read this post. I am a geographer myself and so all this geographic intrigue me. I think people often take place for granted but it can really affect us. Good luck with the writer’s block!

frostwolftfirerose - December 23, 2008

Thanks for the encouragement.

I’m eager to see how the spirits of Troy, Albany and most of all Schenectady (which is a Scorpio btw!) will influence my pen in hand.

2. ceylanthewriter - December 23, 2008

It all depends on which way you look at it. Keep positive.


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