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Psychopaths and political footballs December 19, 2008

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Not sure where I’m going with this one, but re: America’s Brezhnev asking ffffRickin'”CEAHOW Qualifier” Warren, I got to thinking about my feelings about the issue.  They’re a complex muck all right, but mostly…

I’m just sick and tired of being thought of as a political football.

Demican/Republocrat posturing about the Other and “being inclusive”–give me a break!  These acting-out toxic belief addicts (collectively, “Psychopaths”) want me and my brethren DEAD.  Do they expect Wall Streeters to welcome in Hugo Chavez?  Where are the KKKers and the Nazis?  It’s the same mishagoss!

I struggle with the fact that while I am eagerly anticipating the Epic Fail of the U(INO)SA — whether via Ameristroika orderliness or in disruptive suddenness is up to all of us — I seem to get caught up in this “they hate me, they really hate me” upside-down Sally Fieldism.  There are insidious “men behind the curtain” who this Toto/Dorothy ain’t ignorin’.  I see deez-cunts.  I see the Psychopaths and I disbelieve.  I dispell their “sacral”-authority-complexified Bull-Shite as the oral flatulence it is.

I get caught up in the distraction for the moment, but in Troy-Albany-Schenectady Reality, how much influence do these Psychopaths really have?  I’m sure some of them are behind the “wall of ‘blue'” in the Po-lease Force.  And I’m sure there are the Psychopaths of the pious variety, (ironically in Albany’s Episcopal Diocese which seems to be a hotbed of toxic beliefs given their position re: Eugene Robinson).  I certainly see some of the wingnut meth-head mouthbreathing periodically in the Times Uselesseditorialpage.  (sorry Jody.)  Lots o’ Spraaawwwwwwk tribe Three-Fingers-Pointing-Back-at-Me’ers sit in their hate-hazes fantasizing their heavens with portal-windows to the hells of their Mr. Hyde-hearts’ sick desires. 

Basically, I can repeat back to the Psychopaths what I hear them saying.  It’s this:

“I’m pointing three fingers back at myself.  You are not supposed to see that.  You are supposed to react to my pointing my finger at you.  Do not dare to call me on my crap.  I have issues, but I’m not going to work on them, instead I want to beat up on you.  And if you defend yourself, that will make me mad.  I will have to accuse you of exactly what I’m doing to you.  So don’t get any ideas about self-worth, because I’m a piece of crap and you’re no better than me, so just take my abuse, and die when I sink my cunt-fangs into your flesh.  Miserable image of me that you are!”

Do I say that in reality?  No.  When confronted with that sort of cuntishness, I know not to engage.  Talk about fruitless endeavors!  “Oh.  Hmm.  I gotta go now.”  That’s what I say in reality, and I let the psychopath go off on their merrycrazed way, muttering to themselves all the while.

And then they go back home and stuff their faces on Ding-dongs, Doritos and dreck, oh my.

In the “swillig” reality of our sick’scourse, where CEAHOW Candidate Warren is seen as equivalent with your average gay person or with even an affirming and thoughtful preacher, at some point we wake up to the understanding that to these vampires, we are Charlie Brown, and they are Lucy with the fffRickin’ foobaw.  That’s the role they want us to play.  And they attempt to shoehorn us into it.  A few weeks ago Dan Savage was on Anderson Cooper’s show to be somehow “equivalent to Tony “Psychopath” Perkins, and he did the smart thing which was to talk right over the fanged one’s words.  He basically ignored Cooper’s attempts to try and let  Psychopath be heard.  Good on Dan, I say.  That’s what has to happen when h8 masquerades as concern/love.  It’s not.  It’s abuse, and it’s sick.

The thing about the Psychopaths today is that they’re like Mr. Smith in The Matrix.  Gay people everywhere are Neo around the Pious Mr. Smith OA Candidates and the Psychopaths.  Only with us, there is no Sion in the world, even though we have our San Franciscos and urban ghettoes. 

Our Sion is inside, it is in our sexual relations, it is in our own awareness of our sacred authority.  In our own understanding of singular-plural God/dess or Manitou or whatever.   I like the image of a Jesus eager to get with John the Divine under the covers and trading topping/bottoming.  That gets me hot!  And divinely so!

We can be thankful for the CEAHOW Candidates and Psychopaths though.  They are examples of  “There But For The Grace of God Go I“.  It’s not an easy thing, but all we have to do is look at them to know that we are truly on the correct path for ourselves.  The sickness is prevalent.  And it seems I spend a lot of time acknowledging its yakuza-star edges that get inside my headspace and slice and dice their way around.  I’m getting quicker about recognizing it. 

I always have to ask these people to show me what it is they have that is supposedly so wonderful that they have to make a satan out of others.  I don’t see it.  I see sick people.  That’s all.



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