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Three Posts Today #2: Big Magick December 18, 2008

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Synchronicities jar things loose sometimes.  I’m currently more than half-way through Greg Bear’s The Serpent Mage, which is the 2nd half of his Songs of Earth and Power with The Infinity Concerto.  One of the cool lines in the book is “You are what you dare [to bring into existence].” 

Today I spoke with a deva who told me that I am more for “big magick” r/t the personal variety.  That being said, I need to manifest some things personally of course, but we didn’t as yet get into that. 

I’ve blogged before about my dream when I was 11 years old “when I got my owl” as it were.  When I woke up from that dream, I felt I had been touched by Jesus, and as it turns out I sort of was.  The Blue God has a deep connection not only with Jesus, but with the Peacock Angel.  Some have said Jesus, Sananda and the P.A. are the same being.  That could be true for me.

Anyway, I have been doing some serious magick about the destruction of vEmpire’s notorious lifeless behemoths.  I have seen it as a piling on of my energy onto that of their own ridiculous excesses.  The image I have is of the straw breaking the camel’s back, or the princess and the pea.  A small thing that has really large ramifications.  I am the hundredth monkey, I am the butterfly in China causing the hurricane in Florida, etc. 

I gleefully add my energy into the self-destruction of the corp(se)orations out there, who are cunting themselves like the proverbial ourobourous, only without any sense of enlightenment.  (Self-vampiry has to be painful, I would imagine.  Tsk-tsk-tsk.)  Perhaps they will ask for the stakes or the sunlight to burn them all away?  Wouldn’t get my hopes up for that.

I put out a prayer yesterday for another on-piling, that of “Ameristroika” as it were.  At some point, it will become a no-brainer that we will admit that we are powerless over others who have very different notions of what is desirable in life.  Now, there will be the 6-percenters, the psychopathic psychic-vampires who will attempt to leverage the chaos to their onanistic delusions.  But forewarned is forearmed, and I try to point up the psychopathic to those who will listen.  (That’s the subject, however, for Post #3 of knowing how Cassandra felt.)  And no doubt some of them will do their best to convince others that they have the American best-interests at heart, even though they don’t really have the wherewithal or the wisdom to reel in the Ecotopians on the West Coast or the Vermont-Second-Republickers et al. in the Northeast U(INO)SA. 


We can’t go there anymore.  The hangover will set in, the fog will lift, we will see that the name of the country has been a charade that has hypnotized us for a couple of decades before the more present of us had realized the U in USA left the area a LOOOOOOOOOONG time ago.  (At least since the 1980 election, but maybe before with Watergate or with the JFK Assassination which kicked off the Plut0-Uranus conjunction.)

I radiate out another manifestation however.  Here’s the spell:

O Soul of the Earth,  Ye Spirits Stellar
I call to you from paup’rish Cellar.
On paper sitting pretty seeming,
In truth, I fear for money’s creaming

Each month I shell out Nine hundred bucks
For debt repayment to slimy fucks
Like other people, I have my dreams
They took advantage with gloried schemes

Encouraged by my own delusions
I got my Master’s, with resolution
and soldiered forward, foolish debtor!
Blind to how I’m sited by pred’tors

This need not go on, I do aver
Gnome, sylph, undine, djinn, please do confer
with elements stellar, devas, ‘kini
and end all debts with gold Jubilee

Forgiveness to cleanse and kala make
wipe away balances, clean the slate
Call as well Po’ Aumakua
Reduce our worries, make them fewer

Return our eyes foc’s community
Make pape’ congruent to reality
O Spirits Stellar, Soul of the Earth
Bestow your love now upon our hearth. 

Blessed be.  So mote it be.



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