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Three Posts Today: #1 – Get Ready for the Enablers! December 18, 2008

Posted by frostwolftfirerose in Civilization Anonymous, Personal Journey.
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Ah, passive-aggression!  I’m preparing myself for the “pipe down and shut ups” and “get under that bus now”‘s from the Obama kool-aid drunks.  We gays and lesbians are getting it from the Mormoncunts, but we’re now going to get it from Fauxgressives as well.  (Thank you Melissa McEwan for that wonderful epithet!)

Capitalism/civilization is a family disease.  We are all de facto qualifiers for Al-Anon as I have said before.  And the enabling aspect is an integral part of it.  Enablers circle the bandwagons around the abuser.  From the many who are dismayed at these choices can be heard the lament  “He ought to have known better.”  The Enablers are talking “big tent,” but it’s more like chickens, meet your friendly fox gatekeeper!  (Ha, to keep you in!  Well, inside his belly at least–smack!)

I admit I’m powerless over the boneheadness of our “leaders”.  Speaking of animals–Now, I don’t know pig varieties, but I’m put in mind of Orwell’s Animal Farm thinking about yesterday’s Vilsack/Salazar/ffffRickin’ Warren news.  We have one porcine variety who’s trying to convince us they’re the good ones.  Ha!  Demican, Republocrat it doesn’t matter.  They’re still going to sell Boxer off to the glue factory.

Bidness iz Bidness.

I have to skip the “I toldjaso’s” and move into acceptance and then action.  That’s what Al-Anon teaches me to do.  The alcoholics/addicts/ unconsciously civilized/vEmpire legionnaires/stoopid ‘MerKKKans etc. cause problems.  They are acting out from a place of self-hate so deep that they feel the need to take everyone else down with it.  Some of them have the capacity to be honest, but others–many others–do not.  Only a few of these have it as a structural defect.  Andrzej Lobaszewski pinpointed the number at 6%.  Only 6% of all men and women are cunts.  In our culture, the men-cunts are more prevalent.

(Heh.  Perhaps the “Frostwolf-ese” soubriquet for Civilization Anonymous would be “Cunt-Anon.”)

I hesitate to proselytize for Al-Anon.  All 12 step programs are based on the principles of attraction rather than promotion.  The most useful tool that I utilize on a constant basis, that of asking myself if individuals who I come across on a day-to-day basis have anything that I would like to have myself in their way of being amongst others, comes directly from this program and from A.A. and CEAHOW.  But I put it out there for people who feel some sort of desperation about this nuttiness. 

It was in Al-Anon that I discovered that we are all immersed in the sea of addiction.  I remember the moment quite clearly, actually.  I was in New York City, attending a post Gay Rights march event on a New York City pier.  Beer was flowing, but people of all walks of life were walking around carrying cups/bottles with sump’n-sump’-n, seemingly merry, that dumb “I’m a-drinkin'” glaze in their eyes.  And I’m sure there were other substances abounding in various bloodstreams to be sure.  I myself was probably ensconced in a sugar high, but I was still quite aware of what I was seeing.  And then I heard Lady Bunny announce gleefully that everyone there were “Alcoholics Unanimous!” 

Kinda divine intervention in red sequins, albeit totally unintentionally.  I remember feeling like I’d been socked in the gut.  Later, I had the same feeling when I started working at a law firm that had an entertainment practice, and revised/edited/typed-from-scratch various agreements and legal correspondence and realized the extent to which all the creativity that gets put in front of audiences in film and t.v. especially are viewed ruthlessly as products, and the directors, writers, producers are essentially product representatives and managers. 

Yuck yuck yuck!  And I mean that both ways.

One thing I’ve learned from Al-Anon is that I take care of myself first.  I go to where it’s warm.  Which is why I don’t tip my hand for the most part.  I put it on this blog because I feel a need to at least say to people, “try this.  It might not work for you, but it might lead to something else, you never know.”  I don’t have to take abuse.  There have been times when I’ve had to suck it up and muddle through the best I could–that law firm I mentioned was the 2nd worst job I ever had after working for the Mormon ex-Marine in Denvoid.  Prayer is also quite powerful.  And it’s also a powerful thing to be able to go to a meeting after something happens and cry about events in my life that have to do with the abusiveness of our sick fear-based culture that celebrates addiction and codependence.  The ultimate daddy-mommy protection racket.

The truth is we do have choices.  Al-Anon has helped me understand that.  The confidentiality and the safety of the rooms is part of what works, though to be honest, sometimes that falls down.  Sometimes the sicker amongst us (or the newbies who mean well but don’t quite get it yet) will repeat things they’ve heard at meetings that are from someone else’s story and it will get back to them.  Even in the big and far-ranging metropolis of New York.  It’s more small-town than it seems.

But we start with where we’re at.  I have come to trust that nothing is wasted in Divine Economy.  I personally haven’t really been all that invested in BHO myself.  Just was waiting for the confirmation that he’s same-o-same-o.  I’m open to surprises.  We’ll just have to see.

End of Post #1



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