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What’s It Gonna Take? December 17, 2008

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Vilsack as Ag Secy?
Caroline Kennedy for N.Y. Senator?
fRickin Warren for Inauguration Invocation?

Oh, what sorts of death await?

Here’s my own invocation.

O Mother Earth beneath my feet
It is to you I do entreat
Ties once firm, have come unbound
There is no union to be found.

May the counties within the states
whose folk and land, its gays and straights
acknowledge the real lay of land
United only in name-brand

Loose the useless, dispel the lies
The hate unbound has cut our ties
They hide neath masks, pious in hates
satans with collars, robes, bank rates

Gaia-S’phia sweep it away
Clear the debris of souls’ decay
Transform this muck in your blue fire
kala the people, kindle desire

Lift veils that hide eyes from error
Cauterize rifts causing terror
Supplant sacral-‘thority prudes
bring forth shamans witches from woods

Remind us (too bad I need mention)
our race, desperate, needs attention
Both from and to, jeweled planet,
Sacred profane, central tenet

The naked is sacred I declare
Skyclad our bodies to prepare
Lives to lead beyond our dreaming
Rainbow serpent kundalini

Take this energy to your like
direct its charge to your plight
Know your love for all your children
animals, plants, countless millions

And bring to me those I can trust
the shining ones–We, you and us!
Keep us safe in cobalt bubble
Protect us all, econ trouble

The fears that feed on sadness, rage–
Dispel their power, speed their age
Nimue, Mari, love! Dian-y-Glas!
Help us show them just who’s boss!

We are each one, sacred, divine
own authorities, not just in mind
I ‘lign my will with yours for me
and trust connecting deity.

I bring this spell now to its close
Asking revealing USA-INO’s!
Yea Mother Earth beneath my feet
Bring this forth make life now sweet!


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