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State Capitol Building and Rainbow Serpent December 16, 2008

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I was on the bus from Troy this morning, and I was reading my usual book on the bus–in this case The Serpent Mage by Greg Bear, when I looked up and smiled at the State Capitol Building.

When I first became attracted to Albany, my two favorite buildings were the State Capitol and the SUNY Systems Administration building (aka D&H Tower) that anchor State Street downtown.  Together the two buildings form a portal of some delicious, terran energy.  Each has their own distinctive personality.  I find the Capitol to have a canine energy to it–I call him “woofers!” whenever I walk past him.  “Good boy, good boy, regardless of what happens inside your walls!” I say.  And when I worked at another firm that was a little farther away from downtown, I would walk past SUNYSA or “Aurora Petra Majesta” as she would rather be known–Aurora meaning simply “east” in Greek, and she sits pretty near the Hudson, the Eastern border of Albany–and check in with her each day.  Some days she’d be exuberant, others distant, others downright mopey.  The building, like the weather is of changeable moods.  Same as the buildings I live in and work in now. 

Anyway, on the bus, I was looking at the Capitol and smiling at it, when I detected that something had shifted.  Now I don’t know when, and I don’t know if the building itself has this new energy or if it has drawn to it this rainbow serpent.  But as I gazed at the wonderful edifice, I became aware that the glistening rainbow serpent was looming large with the building.  I didn’t get much of a sense of the Woofers, which leads me to believe that either the serpent is an aspect of the building, or even possibly that the identity of the building has shifted toward the rainbow serpent.

I need to go and do some exploration on this.  It sort of ties in with something else, that this figure I work with as one of my 20 personal naguals which I describe as ‘glorious green crystal heart plasma source creation mystery” appears to be pregnant.  It seems like the chrysalis or amniotic sac or whatever this object is, is rather close to some birth event.  And I wonder what it will be birthing.  It relates to my 4th chakra so whatever it is, I will long to nourish and care for it.  It’s in the multidimension aspect, while my terrestrial heart chakra guide is the Otter.  The tw0 will coexist there.  (Interestingly enough today is an otter day.) 

The fact I’m reading The Serpent Mage also seems to hold a poetic resonance with it as well.  Mysteries surround us all.



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