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Snow and Ice in the Upstate Region December 15, 2008

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It’s rather strange to realize that I have some blessings working in my life sometimes.  70% of Troy had no power over the weekend from what I gather.  My partner and I, by sheer virtue of the part of downtown Troy we live in, did have power and heat. 

We had a very busy weekend.  My partner’s book, Artists & Activists was published last week and he had a book-singing at Market Block downtown.  Sold 30 copies in 90 minutes!  Then we went to a sold-out performance (!) of Classic Theater Guild’s Christmas show ‘Twas the Land of the Night Before by local writers Steve Suriano and Bill Douglas.  And on Sunday we took in Northeast Ballet’s annual Nutcracker, which has become a tradition for Jody and I to attend.

All through the weekend, we heard stories about people we know whose power was out.  My landlords, a fellow board member, my bosses.  Other people had power come on sometime during the weekend, and yesterday, Jody and I were at a local restaurant where there were a couple of birthday parties going on, and at one table there were periodic announcements that so-and-so had power, yea!

Seeing the trees that were downed by the ice saddened the both of us as we drove back and forth to Schenectady and back.  Still, the ice on the trees did make for a beautiful winter-scene as we went about our Christmas entertainment weekend Part I.  (Our annual “Yule-Do” is next weekend!)

Energetically it was an odd weekend for me.  I worked OT on Saturday and I also had some odd moments of feeling other people’s suicidal tendencies though manifesting as my own doubt/despair about my life.  I really have little reason to be down though.  Still, the pondering of death did overcome me at certain points during the weekend.  It’s only just now that I’m realizing that these thoughts really weren’t my own.  And I have no one but myself to blame.  Today I shielded and I put on some protection and welcomed purification/cleansing.  I didn’t do these things yesterday and I notice the difference. 

Today things are looking up.  At my job, I took 2 peacock ornaments that we have put up on our powder-blue Xmas tree in years past (but not this year) and I’ve taped them to the tops of my cubicle half-walls.  I feel simply divine walking through them.  Ah, beauty!  Ache!



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