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New Page – Welcome to My Hell monologue December 11, 2008

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Giving myself a little plug here for the new piece I posted as a page all on its own. And it’s based on my own awarenesses of my creativity, and for the record I do have an actor in mind to play “Norrows”.  I think it would take immense courage though for an actor to take something like this and bring it forward and own the character who is really acting with the ultimate in passive-aggressive to an audience.

I do touch on something though, both in this play and in another one I have written called Killing THE AUDIENCE, that I project a lot of my own authority issues onto the misched-together authority of the audiences that come together to view a piece of mine at any one time, as well as my own lack of faith and trust in my fellow man.

Is “Welcome to My Hell” an honest or dishonest work?  Or both at the same time?  There are some uncomfortable truths in it–I really do ZING off into other areas when I get close to a feeling.  Sometimes I have to really work hard to bring it back to the present moment and feel something all the way through so I can release it.  And I have raided the rooms in my “creativity-heart-mansion” for stories that will break me out and “make me famous!!!!” 

Like I’ve needed that in the past.  And I’m being purified and cleansed for some sort of fame to be created as I move forward.  It certainly isn’t taking any path that makes sense to me, all right.  But it won’t be from my ego, should/when it occurs.  (With that last sentence, my ego says “should” and the deeper part of me says “when” I might add.)  As I align my souls and harmonize my personal resonance with that of the earth, the heavens, the waters and the fires and the ether, then something will coalesce.  But it’s about other things, not me.

Writing “Welcome to My Hell: An Apache Dance for Solo Performer and Sadomasochistic AUDIENCE” does seem to have opened up at least one tiny room to bring forth a piece.  And I have in mind the two people who need to come together to do this piece.  I don’t as yet have a title for it, and I have a lot to fill in though at least I understand the nature of the conflict.  It’s a play about setting ground rules so 2 people can make the attempt to trust one another, something of which neither “Ruxell” or “Diane” has the natural ability to do.  And they’re left to trust each other to survive a couple of weeks in the wilderness.  If they don’t make the attempt and don’t hash out some sort of detente, then they will die.  That’s basically the structure.  I don’t know how it all plays out yet, but I’m enjoying the two characters a lot.  And I’m picturing the actors in their parts, and it’s fun.

The mansion is giving me a crumb, and I’m humbly grateful for it.  And it’s not about fame at this point–it’s about putting something forward for 2 people I like to stand together on stage.  (Hopefully they will have the last Saturday night in January free to do so.) 

So.  Yea for today!



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