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Several Abstract Territorial Spirits December 10, 2008

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OK, I really couldn’t think of a great title for this post, but on my lunch hour I had an idea, then I had a second idea that has to do with a post I had tried to write a lot earlier and saved as a draft but never really felt that it said what I wanted to say and what needs to be said.

I’ll start with the older idea first.  A few years ago, I sat down in a meditation to ascertain the nature of the entity of the country, the USA.  The picture I got was of a flimsy and tattered cloth that didn’t really cover much of the various and seething entities that lay underneath it.  I could see various animal spirits as the representatives of various parts of the North American continent.  In “the South” I saw some kind of a snake that had fangs.  It put me in mind of a cobra, but that’s not quite right.  Perhaps it was some odd version of rattlesnake.  Over the midwest, I could see a couple of different animals, one of which was a buffalo over what seemed to be west of the Mississippi. East of the Mississippi seemed to be a badger-beaver sort of hybrid.  The Northeast seemed to be a bear, and California seemed to be a colony of several different kinds o’ critters, none of which I could easily make out. 

Other areas seemed to be self-contained but they were opaque to me.  The Northwest, the Southwest outside of Cali, the area from Pennsylvania down through Virginia.

All this to say that I feel that the U in USA should probably stand for “Unraveling.”  For quite a long while, I have felt intuitively that the real initials for the nation should be U(INO)SA.  United (In Name Only)  States of America.  When I was in my mid-twenties, I moved from Denver to Seattle then to New York City and I was convinced that the urban-rural split was what was really the fault line.  And to some extent that is true, but it is by no means a hard and fast rule.  There are pockets of sanity throughout the country and suburbia, just as there are pockets of windigo nuttiness in Urbania as well.  Look at the so-called Gang of Three in New York State’s Senate, who are DINOs locked in a battle against the rest of the Dem Senators because they don’t like gay people.

Which leads me also to note  that, though it might seem solipsistic and arrogant/self-castigating (donchaloveit!)  of me, it’s gay/lesbian rights which are really the new abolition/slavery fault line of the newly Unraveling States of America, and that this issue really does create divisions that are much different than merely North and South.  It’s really more a normal-everyday sort of person vs. Windigo/stoopid ‘Merkan/naively ignorant folk.  And the struggle for the Windigo-stoopid ‘Merkan  alliance has been to keep the third leg of the shaky alliance in the dark about actual gay and lesbian folks.  Because… they might actually… (ohno Mr. BillO!) like and admire some gay folks.

UINOSA or Unraveling States-a-‘Merka–take yer pick there, pard’ner!–seems to be taking more and more of a hold, and I don’t think there are many people who really want to face this issue.  I do, because I want to start to look at where I am now, what I have around me and who my allies are, who I need to persuade, who I need to ignore, etc., to focus on the next right actions as regards this Hudson-Mohawk Valley region.  The Bear spirit that presides over what seems to be the states New York and Eastward/Northward seems to offer quite a bit of protection to those of us who would but become aware.  The spirit of the U.S. has left the continent I’m afraid, much in the same way that my best friend reported to me that Jehovah as he understood Jehovah left the world back when Reagan died.  And I have to admit, I think the two departures are related on some level.  Something did shift back then, and the tiniest spark of joyfulness-yet-to-emerge tickled my fancy.

Where this will lead is anyone’s guess.  Regardless of whether BHO wants it, he is going to be the UINOSA’s defacto Gorby.  It’s just a question about orderly vs. chaotic, how this unraveling will happen.  Probably a combination of the two, with some places doing quite well, and others falling into the spiritually bankrupt abyss.  I will probably blog more about this idea in the fuure.

The other idea though arose as I was walking from the downtown Albany Starbucks and had a passing conversation with a stranger.  I mentioned I was from Colorado and he asked what possessed me to move East.  I gave my usual g-school answer and then said I fell in love with the Capital Region.  As we parted, I got to thinking that Denver and Albany have some interesting similarities.

I used to think of Denver as a Hispanic adolescent who wanted to be like the “big boys”–Pittsburgh and Miami.  He was disgusted with L.A. and New York, and didn’t much like S.F. or Seattle either.  Atlanta, a Pepsi Generation cheerleader-gymnast type black girl, didn’t much strike him as a role model either, and Chicago was just too irascible for his tastes either.  (I started to write a play about this theme, actually.  It’s still a mondo mess, and maybe one day I shall return to it, but not right now.)

Anyway, Albany strikes me as a white woman with “black attitude” and a little chip on her shoulder.  She’s suffered quite a bit as a lesser N.Y.C. (who I see as a Dominican drag queen but who dresses haute couture, not that 14th street crapola!), and she carries herself with not a little truculence.  And not a little jealousy of her downstate “sistah” either.  I don’t have much of a handle on Albany’s spirit beyond a sense that there’s a self-imposed ceiling which she shares with Denver.  There’s a striking lack of self-acceptance on the part of both places, and the fact that they are (as of now) acting as state Capitals seems to be relevant.  To some extent, it feels like both place-spirits have had to content themselves with not being the right places at the right times.  I feel intuitively again that this is about to change for both cities, and that each one will be its own right place at its right time, right soon.

The notion of the ceiling though is something that I have frequently had to deal with in myself, and I sense there’s an opening into some new possibility for understanding about the realm of the multiverse where these spirits of the collectives of various village-municipal-town-city/suburb-county-region groups and the course of change taking place not only there, but here as well, might be something I could ride and pass on to others.

One thing I’ve noticed in this odd picture of the UINOSA I have seen is that I have not seen anything relating to individual states at all.  With the exception of Texas it occurs to me.  I just recalled it was like a lizard of some sort.  But the snake was “the South” and the Bear was “the Northeast” and California was a bunch of critters and there was those two large regions of the Midwest that were the Buffalo and the Badger-Beaver creature.  I didn’t think to look at lower levels than that, but I didn’t get the feeling that what we think of as Alabama or Oregon or Illinois mattered all that much. 

I have felt Albany and Schenectady to be both female in their spirit nature, while Troy seems to be a male spirit though one who wishes to remain elusive to me at present.  I sense he’s aware of my presence, but is as yet unwilling to let me know any more as of now.  Schenectady on the other hand is quite excited about my presence and has even dolled herself up.  Much to my flattery, I must admit.  Albany has let me know she’s there, but she’s watching.  As she must–she’s been hurt before, poor dear.

And I suppose all this might sound psycho to some people, but I have a free and open imagination, and I am a storyteller in my own right.  (Check out the play I have as a page, and I will be posting more pages like that one soon.)



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