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Diana, Deity of Troy’s Little Italy December 9, 2008

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She’s really just one of the deities of the area, but Diana is specific to the neighborhood of Little Italy–in fact I would imagine she’s the deity for every Italia Poca per Citate pro il mondo.  (I’m sort of trying Italian based on my understanding of Spanish and musical notation.  If I got stuff wrong, please feel free a correctame.)  Diana accompanies the stregas wherever they may end up.

Diana for me is the Goddess of East and Air, associated with the number 13 of my 13 deity pantheon.  Deity #1 is Hermes, btw, and is also East/Air.  (I count in toward #7-Star Goddess/Dian-y-glas-Shaitan-Melek Taus and back out again, East, South, West, North, Above, Below center and reverse.)

Today just happens to be a Diana day as I count loosely with the Mayan calendar based on my own naming of Deity-tones and Guides-naguals.  So it’s somewhat fitting I blog a bit about her.

On Saturday, I got a hit that I needed to go to Flavour and write for a bit.  I just showed up, and a character (complete with a local actor in mind) came to me, and I will probably type this little monologue up.  It’s about a couple of issues I have as a writer, and it started out as a piece that was to explore the writer’s block I intermittently have.  I have often felt like I was on the cusp of a new burst of creativity, as I used to experience in my 30s (when I was approaching 300 pounds), and so far they’ve seen me express a little, then stop.

Diana seems to be prodding me to explore these themes a bit more, and I notice little signs of encouragement.  The tiniest things, really that I am following a divine path.  In thinking on her today (with the guide of the Bear) and my little offering of time and attention on a character talking direct address to the audience about his conflict with said audience,  I was given yet another little project to bring forth.  I have the 2 actors in mind–a father-daughter team as it were.  Though in the play they won’t be related, but a man and a girl thrown together by chance who have to work together to get through a difficult patch.

It’s nice to write with people in mind, actually.  I will post a few of my pieces, and I’ll put them up as separate pages for now.  I may also tinker with this idea I had years ago to create “The Temple of Playwriting” to bring out the sacred-synonymous-with-sexual (homo-, pan- and other), and bring that to the light/the dark.   

It’s odd though.  I still try and find my way through these different municipal spirits.  I get fleeting glimpses of the spirit of Troy himself–feels like a “he” though a reclusive and Uranian “he.”  Albany feels female to me as does Schenectady.  I live in Troy, work in Albany and seem to be called to express my creativity in the Electric City.  Schenectady is a spirit of her word, all right.  Some way cool things are in the offing there.  All three cities are important to me–I definitely feel that juice.  The mystery compels and captivates.  And Diana seems to be somehow a guide through the whole thing.



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