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Christmastime Shielding December 8, 2008

Posted by frostwolftfirerose in Mystical, Personal Journey.
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A few years ago, I started meditating in my apartment when I lived in New York City.  Around 2004 I really started to get into trancing into the other reality(ies) that exist beyond our3d ken.  There was one day though that will always live with me.  I started to meditate at about 6:45 a.m. on a weekday, and I went into someone’s head. 

She was putting a gun in her mouth.  I could taste the metal.

At that point, I went “Whoa, WTF!!!” and got up out of my trance and stood next to my bed slightly freaked.  I half-hoped the woman heard me and sensed my presence, but I don’t really have a way to check that sort of thing out. 

(I suppose I could ask the spirits of the dead if anyone had this experience around Christmastime of 2004.  That would probably be searching for the needle in the old hayfield.)

After that, it became quite apparent to me that especially at the holidays I should start to shield myself and I started that process in earnest.  There are different times of year though that I have found I needed to shield myself more often as well, like in March and April.  I have some sensitivities that need to be safeguarded.

Now that I’m in full witch-priest studies, I shield myself every day and perform certain protective ablutions as prescribed from Draja Mickaharic’s wonderful books.  And I see the benefits of cleansing on a day-to-day basis as well. 

Still, at this time of year, I feel the need to make my sheild a bit more sturdy, and I envision it being covered in a metallic sheen so as to reflect off indiscriminate hostile energy that seeks random homes.  Whoever has the headspace to let it in.  And there are LOTS of these thoughtforms out there at this time of year.

Likewise in March and April, especially in the Northeastern part of the country.  We don’t feel our connections to the earth like we used to when we paid attention to the agricultural wheel year.  Still, we all have our own rhythms, and since getting abstinent I can say I feel a “winter” take place ironically when the earth starts to bud and to blossom.

And Dian-y-Glas has told me to expect certain … well, I suppose would say “calamity” to befall me.  And I see that this future event will cause me sturm und drang–it would anyone.  But I also see that I will be in the same boat with quite a number of folks. 

I’ve been preparing myself emotionally for these events and I know they will still catch me flat-footed when they do occur.  I knew my cat’s death would devastate me.  And it did.  And I didn’t feel prepared for it even though I was kind of preparing myself for it all the same.  And it came, and I still have my moments where I miss my Kitzel-bitzel.  But I have 2 new cats who’ve clawed their ways into my heart.  Different cats, with different personalities.  And I honor Kitzel’s memory.

To return to the shielding topic though.  I’ve gotten past the place where I’m eager to have a lot of “way cool” experiences in these other realms.  Not to say I’m becoming an old fogey, just that I have acquired a bit of discernment about what sorts of experiences are worth my time.  I don’t need to fall into a person’s suicidal consciousness, not unless I’m specifically called there.  (And perhaps I was, I don’t really know.)  I’ve had some experiences like this before, and you know, I don’t like to be the one who irritates someone just by psychically showing up. 

 (Certain folks have gotten used to that, but still.)

Basically if you want to shield yourself, this is what I would recommend.  Imagine yourself inside a bubble of a color that pleases you but doesn’t excite.  Breathe in that color and notice how it makes you feel.  As you breathe in and out, imagine that color really forming a bubble around you and that you are surrounded by this delicious energy.  Then imagine that it develops a metallic sheen that reflects off energies that you don’t want.

You might imagine it as a mesh or even as metallic wings/feathers if you like, so as to be semi-permeable. (In which case, I’d also imagine little spiritual gatekeepers that keep out the “riffraff” as it were.)  When you feel this is solidly in place, say a prayer of gratitude and continue about your day.


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