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Vox Clamantis in Deserto November 20, 2008

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The title of this post is “Voice Crying Out in the Wilderness” in Latin.  It’s the motto for my alma mater, Dartmouth College.  For some reason it strikes me as a poetic instance from my life that still holds resonance.

Many times I don’t really know what to think about the fact I went to the same school as the likes of Henry Paulson and Jeffrey Immelt, not to mention the Rockefellers (2 of whom were in my graduating 1986 class).  I know I went to school with people who are part of the financial architecture of this collapse–hapless creatures one and all.  I also know that there’s a host of contradictions about the school.  Going there, I knew it to be filled with khnt-sir!vatives like Laura Ingraham and Dinesh D’Souza.  For some reason though, a fellow I used to work with thought D’mth was a liberal campus. 

News to me. 

Dartmouth is also the alma mater of  couple of princes, however, including Dr. Seuss, Mr. Rogers and Dr. Bob Smith, one of the co-founders of A.A.  (Class of 1906!)  Louise Erdrich is also a fellow alumna.  I’m sure there are more to be sure. 

(And just in passing, I’m also an alum of Arapahoe High School in Littleton, Colorado, The Padua Hills Playwrights Workshop (1986) and NYU Tisch School of the Arts 1995 MFA.  Which I’ve written about before as regards the Cuntigroup student loan I still pay off–but for how long?)

I am thinking about this poetry in part because of the website of “Goro Adachi” – Entemenanki, where he has a whole essay about Ms. Palin that pretty much goes into the deep poetry of her role in these odd times, and that even her name has more than a few creepazoidal references.  “Palingenesis”, it turns out, is a moniker for the birth of fascism inside a culture.  Basically Adachi’s equation is thus:  Palin, White House, mesh? Boom.  Palin, White House, no-ho-ho-way!? Breathe sigh of relief.

I think it’s mildly interesting her husband’s name is Todd.  Tod in German means “death.”  Palin means rebirth, evidently.  So Todd Palin might mean Death’s rebirth.  Hmmmm….

Sometimes I get overwhelmed by the poetry inherent in astrology and other means of divination.  Most of the time I just look for something simple that my puny human mind can get a handle on.  I also get overwhelmed looking at the poetry of my almost 45 years on the planet.  Like that my 8th anniversary of sobriety took place on the last election. 

Anyway, the thought of being a voice crying out in the wilderness struck my poetic fancy-bone today, because I feel that energy.  I’m not even crying out so much in a vocal way so much as in a prayerful manner, calling on the aid of various guides, goddesses and gods.  As well as my godself. 

Yesterday, I had an incredible meditation with my Godself which basically is telling me to train myself and purify myself to receive the white wand.  In Feri, white wand is the path of the artist.  (Green is the healer and black is the warrior.)  For me also, the white wand is somehow to be fleshed out through sex, sacredness and intention.  I think that might have something to do with the Brazil aspect of my recent openings.

I’m also opening up a space for others this weekend with Art Night Schenectady and the various plays that my theater company is putting on for free, as well as the readings ensuing over the weekend.  When we write plays, we are voices crying out in the wilderness of creativity.  And this weekend proves to be an entry into the unknown all right.  I’m eager, excited, scared, delighted, worried–all as this mother/father hen needs to be.  But I’m just the coordinator.  Some things unfortunately are NOT going to go according to plan, and some things I just left too long, alas.  It will be a blast no matter what. 

I hope other voices start to cry out though, and that we will be able to find some common ground.  I see that I have my own selective hearing to deal with, but I also have bottom-lines too.  And these MUST be respected if there’s to be a dialogue.


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[…] I am thinking about this poetry in part because of the website of “Goro Adachi” – Entemenanki, where he has a whole essay about Ms. Palin that pretty much goes into the deep poetry of her role in these odd times, and that even her name …[Continue Reading] […]

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