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Face Everything And Reconnect November 12, 2008

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Acronyms for “fear” can be a lot of fun.  So can acronyms for “God”–Grumpy Old Disaster and Grand Orgasmic Daddy are my favorites for the dysfunctional Jehovahsatan grump-old disaster I fired and all the amazing god/desses I now work with who encourage the awareness of my sacred body and its gay ways.

Anyway, tonight I am to do my third and final requirement for a spell I put forth a couple months ago, and I am afraid.  I’m quaking in my boots because I really feel like I’m about to enter into some unknown territory, and I really don’t know what’s going to happen.  But I have to trust what I’m being guided to do.

And this means I need to do my work.  This is in greater service to the whole on some level.

I’m not sure which song I will perform tonight, should I only get one.  I’ve put this song up on other sites and in my previous blog (disappearingchef.blogspot.com–Perhaps one day I will revisit that one.)

In any case, here it is again.  It seems apropos of what I’ve been going through

“Hekate’s Prayer for the Common American” by Richard Morell
copyright 2005

Here you lie, in tatters shredded from this vulture culture
Now, I shall gather you up, and stitch together a quilt

Could it be that you have gone too far, you’ve gone clean right off that edge
Centers have not held for such a long time now.
You turn your heads bravely towards what you see down the road
looming out in the distance, hurricane forces– can’t avoid them
Mindful furies demand your attention
Mechanized monsters pounding your faces into a crying earth

Here, oh here I’m standing next to you
at this Crossroads whither your annihilation?
This white, white pained face
remembers you
I’m thinking of you
Wondering about you
Smiling at you
Hoping for you
praying, wondering
What course of action you’ll take.

There’s a lot of energy swirling about, and tomorrow is the Taurus full moon.  My appearance tonight at this club will be a continuation of a spell.  I’m painful eager curious about it.



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