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Thin Veils Indeed November 11, 2008

Posted by frostwolftfirerose in Mystical.
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Last week probably was a poor choice for attempting to commune with death deities, though November ought to be the appropriate time for this.  In the witches’ calendar, this is the new year, and the beginning of winter.  It is the time to start going within, and in years past, the Lammas-Yule window has been my favorite time of year.  It still is, but last week’s events did manage to put a wrinkle in my brow.

And a large part of it was that I was communing with the dead as we pagans are apt to do around Samhain.  November 6 was the day that the Sun reached 15 degrees of Scorpio, which is the technical start of the Samhain season (until the Winter Solstice and Yule).  15 degrees of the fixed signs mark the celestial half-way points between solstices and equinoxes–a mathematical consideration really, academic.  In any case, the election just happened to coincide with this work, this time, this energy, this need, and I was not in any condition to respond to the events but merely to react, to go deeply into my fears.

And I really am grateful for that.  I got a taste of something that I don’t want, and what’s more, a lot of people are on my side.  It’s an interesting thing to witness other people coming forward to speak alongside me, even though I rather think the way our society approaches these significant partnerships to be insufficient and weighted toward the rich, the male, the caucasian.  Gay marriage to me, while it needs to be a part of the discussion if only because the institution confers certain benefits, isn’t really where I personally would like to put my focus.  I can actually respect different sectual [sic] preferences’ desires to confer their sanction over partnerships, even as I maintain my jersey-barrier spiritual boundaries around my own sacred authority and refuse to accept/allow their squawky invasions of my personal space and their abusive “for-your-own-good” unhealthy pride (read arrogance) that would brazenly attempt to control my sacred and sexual and affectional choices.

I don’t choose to be in their congregations for a reason, after all.  I wouldn’t mind being in the Church of Jesus Christ Bottom-and-Top.  And there are fellowships out there with that homoerotic Christ notion, but for the most part, I’m content working with the Gay Jesus as guardian of my Iron Pentacle.  I am, you are, we all are the Body of Christ.  We are all called upon to become Christs on our own, and to Mormons and Catholics of a certain authoritarian and fearful/forceful (read pathological) bent, this is heresy.  Gay people and witches make choices arising from our own sacred connections, not ones dictated to us by spiritual vampires.  Hence the word heretical being applied–we are choce makers and decision-makers–that’s all “heretic” ultimately means, chooser.  So MYOFB already, stay the f*ck out of my handfasting.  Don’t want you there, go to where it’s warm already.  It’ my job to make it Iceland for you khnts.

(Lovingly so, but still.  The cobalt blue jersey barrier IS meant to keep out the unsavory and the willfully blind, the batshit insane and any hostile reps of the vEmpire. Go and have sex to your hearts’ content–but over there where I can’t see it, thank you very much.)

In any case, I’m finished with the Feri death deities for now.  They told me we are finished, and that I need willow love, and that there are great plans afoot.  I drew the Fool card for the year, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE that!  This will be quite a fun and unpredictable year all right.



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