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Modest Proposal November 7, 2008

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I’m posting this, though it makes me nervous.  I need to append something to the end of this:

WHEREFORE, since the Latter Day Saints Church is a hate organization capable of the most nefarious of activities all with psychopathic smiles on their well-scrubbed, fresh-fucked-up-the-butt faces (Can you hear them whispering, “shhh don’t tell about that! the child abuse counselors are on to us”); and

WHEREFORE, since the LDS church has a political monopoly in the state of Utah; and

WHEREFORE, the backwards spelling of the state is one letter removed from the term “Hate U”;

BE IT RESOLVED THAT, the spelling of the name of the Beehive State be changed to “UETAH” and then further altered so as to be spelled in reverse as “HATE-U.” 

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT, boycotting of all things HATE-U shall commence henceforth.


I wrote this on Nov. 6.  And I filed it under draft because I wasn’t really sure I wanted to post this.  But I need to say some things about the hate that desperately tries to convince us it “loves” us. 

It’s the same “love” that a wifebeater offers his wife with, as he pummels her corpse, and replaces it with a new battering object.  The same “love” that James Pelzer’s mother had for him when she locked him in a bathroom with ammonia and chlorine for his dying pleasure.

It’s the same “love” plantation owners had for their darkies.

It’s the same “love” the Inquisitors had for the healing women and men who they labeled witches and poured forth said “love” onto with their drownings, burnings, suffocations, torture and imprisonment.

It’s the same “love” corporations have for the planet as they decimate forests and overfish the ocean and pollute the air we breathe and the water we drink.

It’s the same “love” that those dudes gave Matthew Shepard 9 years ago, the same “love” that Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris had for Columbine High School.

It’s the same “love” that the perpetrators of 9-11 had for all the rest of us, the same “love” that those who would continue the vEmpire matrix have for all of us as they suck at our life force and cast our used-up bodies and souls aside.

And this so-called “love” needs to be confronted, the same way we confront a doggy who poops in the living room with its own excrement on its nose.  It needs to be identified for what it is–fear and loathing of self via the avenue of other’s celebratory differences.  Gorgon-Mormons, I am another you.  I see that you are in the clutches of the vEmpire with your faulty, arrogant, egotistical and toxic belief structures.  You might think you are severing your connections to we gay men and lesbians and other queers out there, but instead you are clutching on to us.

“Let go of me, stop abusing me,” you say.  But it’s you who hold forth the tasers, the truncheons, the electroshock therapies, the jails and the desire for Levitical-insane, Yaldabaothic (or Jehovahsatanic if you’d rather) abominable self-judgment.  It’s you who are holding onto us, by the throat as it were, and all we are doing is trying to get the f*ck away from you psychopaths. 

Inside these words, I craft two spells.  One for protection of queers, gays, lesbians, bisexuals.  The spell is simply this, that Obatala and Gaia-Sophia and Quakoralina, the source goddess of all that is, envelop all of us in protective cobalt blue spheres, that should the need arise, turn metallic to return the curses and hexes of Xtian death magic to the sources thereof.  I invoke Oya and Kali to speed the return of any and all death-hate magic curses projected toward us.  And I send out from my soul and my connection to the divine source this protection to every man and woman out there who revels in a healthy sexuality that celebrates the whole spectrum of experience, that refuses to privilege one style of one procreative combination at the expense of all others.  Thus, like Pat Robertson who called forth hurricanes on Disneyworld during Gay Days created a hurricane that struck his home state of Virginia, I acknowledge that the Mormons and the religious power-over addicts out there sending out their curses receive back all that they send out against us.  This divine protection ricochets Christian hate magic back to its source, so ye Xtian would-be kahunas, you’re on notice.  If you choose to give it out, expect it to return to you threefold, for the fingers you point at us merely hide the 3 fingers pointing that infernal hate-death magic back at you. 

Only offer up what you will be able to receive back three-fold acceptably.  Fair warning.

The other spell however is FOR your sorry unloved asses.  And it is this.  I pray Oshun and Venus and Eros and the Blue God Dian-y-Glas to increase your sexual potency.  To awaken you to your own beauty that hides underneath all the sludge of this necrotic belief.  I realize this is a prayer that might be inaccessible to many of you, who are so shut down and disconnected from the source, from Star Goddess/Pleroma’s love, but I pray that flowers, and friendliness, and chocolates and condoms and titties and cocks and gorgeous bubble-butts start popping up all around you to challenge your crippled and constricted beliefs that humans are awful beings.  We are most decidedly not.  I pray the awakening of your reconnection to the divinity inside your bodies, to the awareness of the attractiveness of your own genders, to awakening to your true gender and sexual orientations whatever they may be.  To the understanding of how sex fits into the mix of our health and wealth and well-being, and that all acts of pleasure are sacred to the Goddess and the God.  And if they can’t break through your way of death (which you unfortunately project onto those you oppose, courtesy of that megalomaniacal Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde deity Jehovah-Satan, aka Saklas or Yaldabaoth), then I pray that your path becomes painless in every way, and that the said sexual potency cancels out all harm that would come to you, especially that which you bring upon yourself with your pronouncements, finger-pointing and judgments.  If it be divine will.  All in accordance with the will of the Goddess.

Blessed be. So mote it be.



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