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Another idea to visualize: Obama=Gorbachev November 7, 2008

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Perhaps… Maybe… Barack Obama is our Mikhail Gorbachev…

Think, “Orderly untying of the states, orderly untying of the counties making up states, orderly reorganizing of communities into workable regional players where all stakeholders who have the strength, courage and vision can create new living arrangements in alignment with the land.”

I give energy to this vision, Obama is the USA as Gorbachev is to the USSR.

What say you?  Can I get some witnesses??



1. zibil - February 25, 2009

yeah, i’m actually from the former soviet union and i see parallels too

propaganda, aggression, empire, falling economy, big change, new leader, big promises, etc

i saw it all in the soviet union 2 decades ago…

2. zibil - February 25, 2009

oh yeah, and Gorby ended the war in afganistan

frostwolftfirerose - February 25, 2009

Zibil, thanks for posting.

I watch and wait. It’s too early to tell about what might happen with BHO. Right now “he’s dancing with them that brung him” as they say in Texas politics. So he’s kowtowing to the Wal(king-dead) Street crowd for the moment. This could change though.

I was referring more to the notion that the US is too big to fail, and too big to continue the way it’s going. Which means regardless of it being “too big” it’s a goner already. All the things you referred to (which are the same things that Dmitry Orlov speaks of) point to something that needs to change, and IMHO that something needs to include relocalizing.

Orlov speaks to difficulties here though. We’ve become a WATB society unfortunately, screaming for immediate gratification of our whims. For the most part, these whims are spritual pacifiers for the cranky babies we all seem to be. I’m a quiet and observant adult on the sidelines at the moment. Not sure when or if I will step into the fray, but I perceive I’ll be called upon in some fashion in the future. We shall see.

Still, as with Gorby, there could be a large-scale shift out of “big” into smaller, more manageable regional governing units. For all practical purposes, we are United (In Name Only) States(?) of America (TM).

3. norbert - March 11, 2009

I’ve got this idea of Obama and Gorbachev today, while stumbling upon ‘Chuck Norris – The President of Texas’ and the ease of restrictions on Cuba… – and then got to your post! Yes, there seem to be some parallels.

frostwolftfirerose - March 11, 2009

I’m rather amazed at how things seem to be unspooling, and frankly, I think that Obama is our Gorbachev-by-default. We are heading into “FUSA” (former USA”) territory. We’re already the United (In Name Only) States, and it’s only a matter of time before people just shrug their shoulders and laugh at the silly Barney Fifes all trying to puff themselves up with importance with their chicken-bone frames and their egos. Like with this attempt to make local farmers have to pay into the government with licensing and the like. Give me a break! How will that be enforced? There may be some foolishness we will have to live through, but I’m one to give cheer to the human race, at least those who have the ability to surrender and face their fears and recover.

4. Linan - March 11, 2009

hi folks! Let’s see how many guys see the parallels and google “obama gorbachev”. — actually this idea has been circulated in a Chinese political online forum for couple of months.

frostwolftfirerose - March 12, 2009

I will try to google “obama gorbachev.” Hadn’t thought to do that as of yet–I’m curious and uneasy to find out how this meme is spreading. Btw, I certainly don’t claim authorship of this notion. I’ve mused about the U(INO)SA breaking down and becoming FUSA (which it already is if you think “F’d-Up States o’ ‘Merkkka”), and that even the states themselves further devolve into constituent parts or at least acknowledge they need to be a looser federation of counties and municipalities and what not. Then I read Orlov and thought, whoever gets to be president will be on duty while this Zerstoerung takes place, and thought Gorbachev.

Cool that it’s been discussed on Chinese forums for a couple of months. I’m sure it’s circulating in more places than that, probably India and Brazil too I’d imagine. Though I wonder Linan, if all these “too big to fail” countries might some day endure the same fate? I must acknowledge I don’t know the “real” news about the world. I certainly don’t trust ‘Merkkkan media, but I also wouldn’t trust Chinese media either. Any nationalist-oriented media has a suspect bias, and they don’t tell complete truths. A truth with certain lies and embellishments. I’m currently reading Jorge Amado’s Tent of Miracles, which has a funny take on the media’s taste for twisting things around to fit whatever bias is ascendant. A fellow beloved in Bahia who lived and died in relative obscurity but published a couple of little-known anthropology studies on his own gets lionized by a Columbia professor, and his story becomes completely whitewashed (literally, as he was a mulatto fellow involved in candomble parties who advocated miscegenation) by the dominant media and then the episode lands them with egg on face–at least that’s where I hope it leads. I’m almost finished with the book which includes some really rich writing about “Pedro Archanjo” and his actual experiences, as well as the circus on his centennial. The media is incapable of transmitting truth, which is why the Obama Gorbachev idea gets more play in fora like this. Still, it’s probably inescapable I think. There will probably be attempts to secure the sand castle, but the surf still rises to the shore. That’s just the way it is.

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