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Charlie Brown and the Football November 5, 2008

Posted by frostwolftfirerose in Mystical, Personal Journey.

Lucy van Pelt is the perfect representation of the vEmpire if you think about it.  “Come here little boy.  Strangers have the best candy!  Come here, Charlie Brown, I’ll hold the football for you.  Come here gays and lesbians, we won’t vote your rights away.”

We live in a kakistocracy, but also a pathocracy.  One that allows one group of people, in this case LDS cuntionarys with sex-hate issues and homophobic hissy-fit-itis, to point their soiled fingers at another group of people, in this case gays and lesbians who just want to pursue our own concept of liberty, health and happiness, and put up our existence for referendum.

I am another you, Mormoncunt.  I am your divine twin.  Meet your blue god divine twins, Mr. and Ms. Jehovah-satan worshippers with your Book of CuntMormon (Redundant I know–and you Latter Day Vampires know you need to always suck suck suck dry any and everything that comes into your path).  Together, we form the peacock whether you like it or not.  And I must love you, for you are just the Caliban part of myself.  I sit in Ariel right now. (Prospero has left the building.)

There’s a lot of kala to work right now, but there’s also magical work to be done, and legal work as well.

From my perspective, gay and lesbian individuals and groups nationwide need to come together and put class action lawsuits in all 50 states, DEMANDING that government get ENTIRELY out of the marriage business, except insofar as there are contracts to honor and to give witness to.  Maybe.  I’m not sure that will help. 

Better to start to undermine the entire system of privilege.

I’ve been wondering about this whole illusion of government in its sum and total.  It occurs to me that somewhere I read that once we started thinking in terms of rights and all, we became alienated from our experience.  I know this is a necessary step in personal and human development, but now we need to start to transform this in the crucible of spiritual understanding.  It is a concept that now becomes about a pissing contest.  And really the thing to do is to walk away from it, to say I’m not going to participate in the system that would alienate Frostwolf from Frostwolf.

Lucy van Pelt’s football can be awfully appetizing to that Pavlov-doggy-dog mind that’s inside us all.  And where we queer folk are concerned, I sense that we all have to go through a surrender moment.  I didn’t cause right-wing pathology, I can’t control right-wing pathology, I can’t cure right-wing pathology.

O Obatala!  Give me coolheadedness and calm, and lead me to the correct words and actions.  Rage would seek to be my counselor as always, and I need your soothing assistance to make better choices for my will.  Help to cleanse me of my complexes and to purify myself for whatever struggles are emergent.  And help me to steer clear of pushers and pimps who would seduce me with their tasty modes of self-hatred and torment.  Help me not to judge the Mormons and Christian sorcerers who cast their death-and-violence spells upon me and my community, but to turn their magic back against them, and in so doing, give back to the gods whatever effects they need to visit upon them.

I know the power of protection and I know the power of justice.  I remember that.  I keep to the white and the rainbow paths.  Oxumare and Obatala, bless me with your prowess and gorgeous unfolding.



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