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Ah! That’s what it was and Happy Sobriety Anniversary to Me! November 4, 2008

Posted by frostwolftfirerose in Mystical, Personal Journey.
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I’m coming down with something.  Figured it out last night at a 12-step meeting.  Had to be in a place of receptivity and a predisposition to acceptance in order to even allow that possibility.  So here I sit at work, feeling rather hot and flushed and wondering how my illness will progress.  I took some Cold Away earlier, so hopefully it won’t go too-too far.  But these things have a minuscule and malevolent mind of their own as well we know.

So, I’m 8 years sober today!  And here we are in another election.  I am watching and I am curious to see if B.O. will win, and if so, what sorts of reactions that will set off in the fire burbling in the basement where all the stooooooopid-‘Merkkkans like to hidens.  And what sorts of tinderbox fear will that spark, I just wonder. 

It’s not that I’m gleeful about the psychopaths among us.  But I know that attempts to control them (cunt-rol them?) end up just feeding the beast and ultimately turning those who are fighting the windigo into one of Them at least insofar as their actions go.  P.K. Dick again–one can’t fight the Empire.  But I do have a not-too-unreasonable vision for a post-war future.  And I’m not sure how that will work, but it needs to happen somehow. 

I finished reading Robes by Penny Kelly yesterday as well.  I have to say I have had visions myself of a depopulated planet, and that I’ve seen myself as an old geezer, but I couldn’t say how far in the future that seems.  For all I know it could be a future life, totally discrete from the future of these hands typing these words.  It feels like me, Frostwolf T’Firerose, though.  And I have had a vision that I”m sort of like a shaman who lives in between various communities, dipping into them all and skipping along their edges. 

I’ve also been visiting the ancestral campfire, and Anna and Arddhu have been showing me some pictures of my own future.  Lots of sex!  Hmmm!  I spoke with Bill Wilson yesterday, and he had some interesting observations about our current times.  Because I’m feverish though, I kind of don’t remember much of what was said.  Earlier he had observed that we in the civilized world live in a “distribution camp” as opposed to concentration camps.  The ethos of the slaughterhAuschwitz (has anyone ever come up with that one, I wonder?) exerts a terrible pressure all around us.  In many ways, we never really left slavery and debtors’ prisons behind us.  They’ve just changed forms to look like they’re not really prisons. 

I want to post more, but I’m a bit … sluggish.  Perhaps tomorrow.  Maybe.  We’ll see.



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