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Tarot Card for Next Year October 31, 2008

Posted by frostwolftfirerose in Mystical, Personal Journey.
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Each year around this time I draw a tarot card to focus the energies of the entire year.  Last year (Samhain 2007- Samhain, 2008) was the 10 of wands, and things felt really ardous.  Before that I had for 2006-7, the 10 of cups; for 2005-6, the 6 of disks; and for 2004-5, the Chariot–which certainly worked for me as that was the year I moved up to Albany!

I usually have picked my card in the context of a ritual, but today, as I was sitting at my desk reading a post about this particular month’s psychic/spiritual energies, I felt a calling to draw my card of the year.  So I did a makeshift ritual of sorts.  Ha, Kala, listening to Brazilian music (Gal Costa canta Tom Jobim) and readied myself. 

So.  My card for the period Samhain 2008 – Samhain 2009?   The Fool! 

I’m totally jazzed about this.  It feels absolutely right for whatever tomfoolery is about to occur.  Even though I have personally been feeling stressed–and I think it’s not just because of some of the various pieces going on in my life–busy at work, the Pop-Up Plays/New Play Fest, my sober birthday, the sElection and the ensuing ugly WTF-ever-fest (because the unhinged among us and their stoopid-‘Merkkkan minions have to at least make the attempt to steal this awfulness, even with all the Main-Pain nuttiness spinning outta-kontrol and whether they succeed or fail, violence is probably just around the corner whether we like it or not–ready or not here the bloodbath comes!)–I feel like it’s in some kind of end-phase.  Some people liken it to the birth-canal experience.  Feels apt.  I do feel something’s going to be born.

(What rough beast?  Indeed!) 

So the Fool is not an unanticipated development.  I’ve actually been in that Fool space, seeking to find my curiosity, my Nimue/Dian-y-Glas spirit of inquiry, my eagerness for new experience.  So the Uranus card just points it all up.  This is going to be, I hope, FUN!



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