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Brazil–Just keeps coming… and G[rasping] W[hite] B[aboon] Dream October 29, 2008

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First, the dream.  I was in what felt either like a bank lobby or the lobby of an office building.  Lots of people going about their day, one or two leisurely, most others with varying degrees of urgency.  I wasn’t in any rush, and I was just sort of taking it all in.  Then I was standing in front of a bank of tellers on one end, but I wasn’t in front of a teller’s booth.  Just standing at the far end, as if waiting to go to a teller.  I think I eventually stood in front of one for an instant.  About 3 stations down, stood GWB.  He was actually kind of sexy in my dream–built well.  He saw me, and smirked one of those infamous sneer-smirks he’s known for, and strode away, proud as a Longhorn on its unknowing way to the slaughterhouse.  Still, as I stood there I realized that he was there as an antenna, and I was what he was looking for, and I realized I had to get the f*ck outta there, which was why I was only at the teller for an instant

and then of course, the alarm clock went off!  Time to start the day.  Still, as I lay there in bed, I was grateful for the residue of dream-state for I used it to trust my own spiritual connection and it led me to believe that it was very important to continue the movement out of the building of the dream and to a connection with the land.  I imagined myself even sharing the dirt with a tree planted in a sidewalk if I had to, though I imagined standing on the roots of an amazing willow tree.

(When I was in New Rochelle, btw, I hugged this amazing willow which gave me such an infusion of electric love, I almost had to sit down!  Wonderful to be apprentice to willows…)

The other thing.  I just read Operation Terra’s latest message (via mayanmajix.com’s articles page).  Lyara talks about something that I’ve been sensing lies in our future, that people will be sorted out into worlds based on their energies.  I’ve even toyed with the idea of putting it into a dramatic piece where 6-7 different characters speak in soliloquy to the audience about the various worlds they end up in. 

I had envisioned a high-tech Asian gal with a sense of magic, an earth mother type who goes to ‘Off-The-Grid’ World; a corporate type woman (oddly I think of Angie Harmon playing “Andrea”) who is nonplussed that all the proles are gone (even though her only use for them was to do the stuff she didn’t want to); a black fellow who just goes to a world like this but with less people, another fellow who believes he’s been raptured (which it turns out everyone has) and goes to “White Christian Heaven” (no people of color, nonChristians, uppity women, gays/lesbians) only to find that he’s become the necessary scapegoat and hides in terror for his life, and a woman of color who gets sorted into a world with only other retail workers and the like without any supervisors or power-over jerkwads. 

Anyway, it’s nice to see that Lyara and some others out there have a similar notion.  I’m not exactly sure which world I shall be sorted into, but I trust that my Godself-‘aumakua knows precisely which place will be the right slot for me.  I feel that I have met members of my soul family and that we are all getting ready, some of us qucker, some of us slower, but we’re all materializing this new world as we work for it.

I decided to draw a Goddess Guidance card today, and I got an orisha!  Yemanya, whose advice is rather literal.  “Important doors are opening for you right now.  Walk through them.”  Woweth!

Brazil keeps alluring me toward something.  Earlier today I was musing about the similarities of Kali and Oya.  My connection to the Star Goddess/Source of All That Is has suggested I commune with Kali as regards my creativity.  She will sweep away and tear down and erode and destroy that which no longer serves me.  Probably right down to the bone, and I’ll be able to add to the essence appropriately (perhaps to tear it down again).

Brazil.  Hm…



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