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Spirit Microclimates October 27, 2008

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A trip to New York City for a fellow like me is quite a heady experience.  It was interesting how many spirit microclimates I walked through, and how evanescent they were in their changing.  In one block of the Union Square area, I noticed 3 different microclimates.  Granted it was a city block between Union Square West and 5th Avenue, but it was interesting to let my perceptions go along that route.

In retrospect, I find it interesting that only people who are native to the Denver, Colorado area can psychically tell, at least at first, when they are in Aurora versus, say Englewood, and when Englewood seques into Littleton or Centennial or even Denver proper.  (And I’m not talking the area around South Broadway either, but other parts of Englewood and Denver that are less obvious.)  Granted, sometimes it’s difficult for a native Denverite to know for example, when they’ve passed from Arvada to Lakewood, say.  Though I bet I can get pretty close to the point where Lakewood flips over to Littleton-Jefferson County side.  I may not be able to sense other things though, like where Columbine High School’s precincts give way to either Dakota Ridge or Thunder Ridge, but then again, how could I be expected to?  I was an Arapahoe H.S. attending resident of unincorporated Littleton in Arapahoe County in my junior/senior high years.

Still, way back when I could tell when I was in the various high school districts in Littleton, whether Jeffco or Arapahoe Counties.  (Perhaps I’d be fuzzy on the old boundaries for Bear Creek High, having had no idea that Jeffco Littletonites went to BCHS pre-Columbine.  Interesting, eh?)

New York City offers a smorgasboard of possible places, and there were those moments, for some reason in the boundaries between the western East Village and the central East Village that felt a bit “dodgy” to me.  Quite a few areas felt shut down in some way, especially as I got closer to the center of that part of the grid between 3rd Avenue and 14th Street.  Sort of like walking through a warzone where the intellect and the financio-sociocultural completely overpowered the earthy and the emotional.  Rapacious intellectual and economic addictions running rampant, I would say.  Even so, because NYC has strong recovery programs, little pockets of “Ahhh” shone through the uckly-muckle-muck.

It was an energizing time in the cities, and completely unexpected.  I know that eventually the wondrous hodgepodge will fall into disrepair though.  It’s built into the system, and I say to New Yorkers and to the cities’ [sic] aficionados near and far to enjoy the place while you may.  I was still glad to leave the New York Cities when I did.  Friday night, we took in Bernstein’s Mass–sublime, wonderful, I cried tears of cathartic joy.  Yea!  Saturday night… well, getting home from New Rochelle, where I went to an amazing food-fellowship retreat and gave a hug to a Willow tree which gave me an immediate electric charge (!), was a total challenge due to the rain-wind and the awful traffic.  Though I sort of wish the piece was at 8 p.m. so I could have missed the damn thing entirely because Dr. Atomic was a snoozefest.  I hate to say it, but I fell asleep at one point and started to snore–that NEVER has happened before.  Jody had to poke me in the ribs, alas.  (Bwaaahahahahaha!)

I for my part will try and enjoy New York Cities as much as I can, my finances willing.  Yeesh!  But still, it was a good trip and I don’t feel less shiny now than before I left.

Will have more to post too on my spiritual journey and how certain things seem to be falling into place.



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