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The Earth Is Alive October 23, 2008

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That’s all I’m saying!

I just went out on my lunch hour and sat by the Hudson and whew!  I felt the pulse all right.  Whoa!

Yesterday and today I ran white fire iron pentacle (mostly I’ve been visualizing red fire before), and I instantly felt that my earth connection today was entirely related to that.

The thing I noticed in my “earth divination” was that the wind was blowing, but these leaves were not being blasted from the tree under which I sat.  I watched as the leaves proudly fluttered like golden flags.  The tree will be the one to decide “all right, now you can disengage!”  And thus far, the tree, while it had mostly dispensed with its leaves, had a few choice bits it held onto for the time being. 

I took that to mean I’m taken care of, all my needs are met, and it is only when Gaia decides “all right, it’s your time” will it be thus.  Gaia in tandem with my godself.  That feels crystalline splendid it does.



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