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New York City October 23, 2008

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So.  I won’t be posting tomorrow through the weekend.  Most likely I’ll be away from a computer tomorry, and definitely over the weekend.  (Unless I’m inspired and I have computer access, I never post on weekends, and I like to keep it that way.)

Still, I’m curious to see how I with my shiny and new-to-me energy interact with the city that probably still never sleeps, though it was getting a mite weathered and worn while I lived there.  (So glad to be out!)

So I’ll probably post about this and that.  One thing I am curious about is the spirits of the different nabes there.  Chelsea vs. Meatpacking District vs. Extreme West Village vs. West Village Center vs. Washington Park vs. East E.Vil vs. E.Vil Center etc.  And yes, I do like to call my old stomping ground of the East Village E.Vil, and yes, there are differences within E.Vil and WeVill as well.  Perhaps even North Chelsea vs. South Chelsea for all I know.

And then there’s the wastelands of Wall Strict and Midtown… All that c*ntcrete and glass–home of the vEmpire fershur, Marge.  But I don’t think I’ll be anywhere NEAR “die Kuntlezstadt.” 

Except to go to the Met and Carnegie Hall, where my partner and I will be taking in John Adams’s Dr. Atomic and L. Bernstein’s Mass!  Cul-cha bay-bee, culcha!



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