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Avoiding the Undertow October 20, 2008

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This might not make a lot of sense, all right.  But I’m working with a couple of images that have been percolating in my head for a goodly 8 or 9 years now that I think might have relevance to the current moment.

They’re an odd assortment, but they all seem to have something to do with hitting the ground to best take care of oneself.  It seems that it’s necessary to be either really low to the ground or above the fray, on higher ground.  Though I’m not sure about the latter, actually.  Something tells me that going beneath is better right now.

I’m not talking about finding a cave that goes down several miles–though if that was someone’s druthers, that might not be so bad.  But I remember the first time I encountered the ocean, my cousin told me to dive below the wave, so it wouldn’t carry me out to sea.  I was overwhelmed by the expanse of the Pacific, having grown up near the Rockies and seeing a more earthy enormity there.  The ocean is of course way bigger than the Rockies, and Cousin David said “go under the wave.”  Hey, he lived in California all his life–he should know right?  And so I did that.  It was interesting to see that I went into this middle zone.

I remember reading a story about a couple who were scuba-diving off the coast of one of the Indonesian islands during the 2005 December Tsunami.  They felt a disturbance above them, but they didn’t really think much of it as they were perfectly safe in their scuba gear and snorkels.  I wonder how they made it back to land–perhaps someone knew they were out there?  I’m sure any boat would have been swept away.  But still, that image of being below the surface stayed with me.

In a nuclear attack, I’ve read it is necessary to hit the ground immediately when the light flashes.  Again, there’s another tow sort of aspect to the nuke, and again one is supposed to get under it.  I don’t know if a person would be incinerated anyway–the air might crackle all the way to the ground, but if you were to lie in a gutter or a ditch, that might mitigate matters a bit. 

With the tsunami and nuclear attack, there is the aftermath to deal with.  Still, thinking of it all as being about accepting the force that is working and not trying to fight against it or to take the brunt of it “like a man” or to just acquiesce to its destruction rather than accepting the force and making adjustments–that seems to be the mindset to use.  And it’s probably a good and practical idea to bring into whatever other possible destructive or violent or catastrophic scenarios that might emerge over the next few years.

I called this post “avoiding the undertow”, but it might be better to have called it something else.  Still that’s what it’s known as for now.  And there’s one other image that seems related, but I don’t exactly know how.  In that same time period, I had this image come to mind of sitting on my bed in my East Village walk-up and meditating, and sensing that there were all these agents searching for me in my apartment, and I was right there sitting amongst them, but they couldn’t see me or feel my presence.  They were scouring all over my apartment for me, and it was like I had been astrally rendered not only invisible, but immaterial as well.  As if I were an invisible and ephemeral presence there.  It was as if I could not be perceived even though I was right there.  And I’m curious about this image, and how it might pertain to the previous images of undertow and the idea of being towed in general.  Again, it seems like on some level it’s about getting so close to the ground or to reality that I “disappear” or become smooth enough that no hooks stick out and I’m not swept up into the maelstrom.

Just a couple of ideas.


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