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Low Posting on Other Sites October 17, 2008

Posted by frostwolftfirerose in Personal Journey.
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I’ve begun to notice something really interesting to me.  This is probably a “no-duh!” sort of thing for others, but I see that people become curious about me from things I post on other people’s websites.  For some reason, the stuff I’m reading on the ‘Net aren’t really sparking a desire to post.  There are a couple of places that mildly intrigue me.  And I’m hoping for some things to get sparked (perhaps by my little play? I can dream!) both on this site and on others.  I love to be inspired to post on others’ sites.  But…

I’m just not feeling it.  Sorry.  And I see that it comes back to me in interesting ways.  This social thing.  Or should I say “social” thing.  🙂

This isn’t all THAT interesting to post about.  So I’ll include a poem I wrote a while ago.  The title is the first line of the poem.

A chartreuse dragon spirit existed here.

A chartreuse dragon spirit existed here. (Did you know?)

He wasn’t a bad sort—an affectionate sort of dope, really.

But he asked me to put him in the cleansing cup.

He wanted to be transformed.  Time to, I guess.

I forgot to ask him his name, but he was somehow

The Spirit of the Place I Work.  And he wanted change.


And the Star Goddess appeared and we breathed

Opalescence together on the yellow-green dragon.

It took a while, but eventually the milky-honey cloud

enveloped the guy and he merged with the cloud.  Eyes

peered at me from this pearly, yummy joyousness

and I deeply drank from it, to cleanse my own spirit.


I have to trust that what I have to give is wanted.

The résumé for the blue-pill work I do is fine enough,

but it strafes and erodes the gentle soul over time.  I have

an opportunity to Pegasus this, but I resist each sally

toward this soaring above the situation.  (I should be

starting the meds soon—to arrange a fait accompli.)


There are all these smiling spirits around me.  Ben

Franklin and Jehanne and Dave and others, eyes a-sparkle.

They see something coming that I don’t as of yet.

They ask me to trust, rather than to casually leap off

a bridge into the Mahicanituk’s cold and wet embrace.

It’s hard to live for the future, when the today hurts so much.




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