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Opening Up to Writing Spirits October 15, 2008

Posted by frostwolftfirerose in Capital Region Notions, humor.
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OK, that title might be a tad pretentious, but I swear sometimes it’s really hard for me to show up to write.  Lately, I have had a difficult time with writing for theater, and yet I feel that it’s a part of my God Work as it were, to put into gentle and hopefully funny play forms inspiring and uplifting works to help all of us, no matter what our differences are, to come together and reach across the artificial chasms created by pigenholing ourselves and others into stereotypes or what have you, and really start to create the communities, the Big Edens we suspect are really possible.

I will probably put up a new page with the latest play I’ve started.  Once I get a decent draft out, and start to work with some actors on it.  I think this play for which my working title is “This Is All Going To Go Away, You Know.  And It’s a Good Thing” might cause a minor ruckus with some people who are really sticking their fingers in their ears and going “la-la-la, the sun will come out tomorrow…” will be molto offgepissed that someone would DARE talk about what’s in front of our faces.  (Oh no, you’re SUPPOSED to let everyone get sucked dry by the vEmpire and cast aside.  You’re SUPPOSED to submit to jackbooted thugs who like nothing more than to killKillKILL your asses!  You’re supposed to, as Derrick Jensen has observed, walk calmly and serenely into the gas chamber, and convince yourself it’s just going to the bathroom.)

But I see that I need to find some comic ways to handle it, and the scenario seems to be a meal at a restaurant that doesn’t go off as planned.  Because everything is connected, and interestingly this play will happen simultaneously with another play by a local writer, and we will try to find creative ways for the two casts/scripts to interact beyond the obvious sharing of restaurant staff.  (It might also be a trip for the waiter and the Maitre-D’ to create an improv’d play of their own as the proceedings unfurl.)

Still, it’s nice to be able to step back a little and look at some of my own experiences with all of this, and try to formulate a character arc that diagrams what is going on.  And the character who sort of represents me looks at the snafus and the distracted staff with eager curiosity and empathy, while his companions seem to be horrified and in part determined not to see what Henry sees.  But they have to, as the restaurant ironically makes his point for him.  That we all have to work together.  And as others have said, we must love one another or die.  We must hang together or we’ll be hung separately, as good ol’ Ben F. has observed.

So all in all I’m rather excited and gratified.  I think this might turn into a longer script, but I want it to not be more than 17 pages for the time being. 




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