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Route Vermont-100 October 14, 2008

Posted by frostwolftfirerose in Capital Region Notions, Mystical.
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Busy and wonderful weekend I had.  I could write quite a bit on this time, but I really ought to just distill it down to a few potent observations.

First, there are so many beautiful places in the region I inhabit.  While I fell in love with the architecture of Albany and saw that extend outward to Troy and other parts of this Hudson-Mohawk valley area, I am really quite attuned to nature and the rhythms of the seasons.  Fall and spring POP in the Northeast generally, and I went to a potluck down in Freehold where the leaves on the trees seemed particularly vibrant.

The weather this past weekend was one for those glorious days where there is gorgeous sunlight illuminating all of the vibrance and color of this, the Libra time of year.  It’s funny.  Libras are “the beautiful people”–as my mother is always telling me (October 3 is her DOB)–and they are also known for not being the most decisive of people.  Though they despise being left out of a decision more than anything else, and passive-aggressive is not done better by any other sign with the possible exception of my own Pisces sun.  The beauty of the time and the fickle nature of the weather seem to be personally embodied in the stereotypical Libra geist.

(I need to note that while we refer to astrology as the language of the stars, it’s really more a navigating system of the seasons and the constellations and planets moving through them really are more about the interrelationship between people/influences relating to say, The planet of thinking (Mercury) coming from the time of late harvest (early Scorpio) and how late-harvest-energy thoughts might be playing in the world.  How a person with that late-harvest thinking style might operate when the planet of sudden change (Uranus) sits in the sign associated with the restless time just before the advent of spring (late Pisces).  The signs serve as markers of what is going on seasonally in Gaia’s reality.)

Anyway, I enjoyed myself at the potluck and made fun of some of the foods I can’t eat due to their EWP inputs.  But my car companion and I had a lovely drive down and back up to Albany, and there was so much beauty to behold.  Dorothy also observed several willow trees, and once I had said that I love willows, she pointed out more on the way back.  She also asked me a rather interesting and provocative question based on the book Eat, Pray, Love:  What is the one word that sums me up?  After giving it some thought, for the moment, I would have to say “Druid” as that incorporates nature, art and being a priestly magician.

I was thinking that “Diana” would be the word for Little Italy in Troy.  Troy itself, I don’t have a bead on as of yet.  It seems that Troy is a federation of neighborhoods and that it might be better off without something as centralized as a mayorship.  It might be better if Troy were organized as a council of mayors, and that Little Italy had a chief in the manner of Indian chiefs–that it’s largely a ceremonial position and occupied by the poorest person in the neighborhood, but is charged with the need for raising warriors and defense mechanisms as needed.  (Just a notion to put out there.)

After dropping Dorothy off, I drove up to Hancock, Vermont to stay at The Gathering Inn, which seemed like it was another step in the evolution of the work of this God.  And I had a blessed and most hospitable time there.  Sally and Tim Erickson are “of my tribe”–that much is for sure.  I felt immediately comfortable with them and now with the benefit of distance I see that there is a past-life resonance there.  I also connected briefly with Carla Royal, who was ailing but recovering nicely.  And I made a rather instantaneous connection with a fellow up from Boston who has very similar ideas to my own, and even a similar birth chart and was born the same year as me.  John is a Gemini Dragon, and we could definitely talk each other into a stupor.  (I kind of think we did on Sunday night!)

It was such a relief to be able to speak with people who are focused on the same things as I am, and who have been putting the light out there.  They are acting like The Hermit card from the tarot, holding up a burning lamp for those with the eyes to see and who are charged with fostering fearlessness and spiritual connection and a loving respect for the nonrational in our over-rationally insane times.  I could go on about this, but I really wanted to focus on two aspects of my trip up there.

First, turning off of Route 4 onto Vermont 100 created an instant shift in the energy field.  VT-100 is a typical country road in many ways, but the palpable energy shift juiced me up.  And funny enough, I was listening to Holst’s “Jupiter” and skipped the rest of the Planets to hear Ravel’s “Bolero.”  That piece can sometimes make me cry, and after Jovian expansiveness–which of course led me to play it a second time–I got into the repetitive Spanish-French themes and felt my spirit expand and tears spring out of my eyes.  And of course the song ended just as I crossed the city-line into Hancock!

The Mad River Valley seems to have an amazingly fresh, spritely, fun and sparkly spirit in the land.  I’m sure that the various towns and municipalities there have their own individual spirits, but I was more attuned to the spirit of this subregion.  And what it’s sub to I couldn’t tell you.  Perhaps a couple of local Vermonters can alert me to it.  The spirit is definitely either an androgynous male or female though–and I get an image of an elder wearing a cape made of feathers.

The other aspect was that I had 2 psychic hits there: that I was traveling in Vermont to be an apprentice, and that I was also acting as a “peg” connecting Troy, Vermont and wherever it is that Jose Arguelles lives. 

Years ago I had a dream that I was to be initiated into being a Mayan priest.  A woman who was a coworker at the time was quite jealous that I was receiving this honor, and felt that she was more deserving.  (I wonder where she is today.  Perhaps something has shifted in her waking life to make this even more possible?  I didn’t think she was a serious candidate for such a thing in the dream.)  I was led to my initiation which was to be given by my father, who was Mr. Arguelles in the dream, but he had been attacked in the saddle while on a sortie to “the borderland.”  My initiation was postponed.


I laid under a willow tree in front of The Gathering Inn after getting the notion of being an apprentice, and she basically conferred to me that one of the apprenticeships was to willow trees themselves.  (And by extension probably, anyone named Willow?  I do know at least one who I wouldn’t mind figuring out an apprenticeship with at some point.)  And I had another hit that I was to contact yet another person.  Guh–responsibilities and tasks.  Not that I’m complaining, but egad.  So much, so much.

My partner Jody finished his retreat in California, and–well, he sounds really rested and like he’s been through something just FABulous.  And I’m not jealous, though I do have concerns.  In my dreams of late, I’ve noticed that I say something to him in the dream, and it’s like he doesn’t hear me.  My words seem to get sucked up into a void and I awaken feeling frustrated.  I’m not sure what that portends–perhaps it means Jody is becoming more simpatico to my way of thinking.  I hope that’s what it is, for sometimes dream reality acts inversely to waking reality.  But I’m a bit uneasy right now, and I know that part of the work of this Frostwolf T’Firerose Willow-apprenticing God is that I am here to be his husband.  It is not really a challenge to act as his King and Queen of Wands (!!!) and to offer my support.  But I do sometimes get jealous and resentful.  I’m far from being Mr. Perfect Companion. Though I strive to do better.  But the thought has crossed my mind that perhaps we will, as we grow into our own individual workings, move apart out of necessity.  With things the way they are right now, I’m watching and remaining vigilant in many areas.  Though more energetically than in a direct focus way.  Guides and gods watch out for me.

I know I am guided and protected.



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