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Energetic uptick October 10, 2008

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In Evolutionary Witchcraft, Thorn Coyle puts forth certain tasks for reclaiming lost parts of our Selves.  Briefly, the Iron Pentacle helps people to call back the necessary energies of Sex, Self, Passion, Pride and Power.  I’ve been working more intensively with the sex point, and today, I called back my energy from the entities, organizations, unconscious people, etc. who/that have contributed to the diminishment of my sexuality. 

I didn’t really realize that something was happening during all this, but on the bus ride to work, I realized that I felt pretty dang shiny all right.  Interestingly enough, I drew the Ingwaz rune this morning, which is often about sexual and creative energy.  (I also drew the 7 of wands today, a card that conveys a vein of courage in The Cosmic Tribe tarot, but in the Rider-Waite deck shows a fellow who’s got an advantage, fending off the wands stabbing up at him from below.  This makes me wonder about the larger world–could there be … a crash today?  Could the DJIA close, at say 2 p.m.?  Some people are speculating…) 

I am in the middle of Richard Russo’s Empire Falls, and I was reading it on the bus.  I’m partly reading it because of my own creative direction from Taliesin to write a book–it’s an odd amalgam of novel, “Civilization Anonymous Big Book”, personal observations, dialogues with various parts of my aura, various guides sometimes, even goddesses and gods.  But the novel aspect takes place in a town where the mayor decides to implement a program of governance based on the 12 Steps.  To my mind, there are no books out there about such a prospect, and perhaps I’m jinxing it by mentioning it.  Though I would think that 12 Step Towns (a companion to Rob Hopkins’ notion of Transition Towns, perhaps?) could be a bridge back to a new life beyond the compulsions and toxicities of our current mode of activity.

I was really rather struck by a passage in Mr. Russo’s book, which I won’t quote here because I doubt I could get copyright clearance for such a thing.  There’s a chapter that is set in the high school cafeteria, just involving 3 characters–Tick (one of the main characters, and daughter of Miles Roby who seems to be the novel’s protag), the school’s punching bag John and Tick’s former b.f./general jock-asshole Zack.  I was struck by this passage where Zack is described as “big, stupid & cruel” but whose feelings can get hurt.  And later, when he’s in a manic moment, she asks him why he’s such an asshole, to which he responds “I have no idea.”

And I thought, it’s because you’re a psychopath, and further, the environment you live in fosters and nurtures your thoughtless and stupid cruelty.  But this is changing, people are catching themselves before they fall for people like you.  True there are some people who seem to be ready-made victims, but even they are starting to get in touch with their anger which connects to their true selves.  And you will be cast aside, Mr. Zack.  And all the other vampires like you.  One khnt at a time if that’s how it happens.  Even if it doesn’t happen with Tick–and at this point in the novel, anything can happen. 

All in all, I found the chapter rather sad, though illuminating something about our human condition.  It is a funny book at points.  I find myself chuckling out loud.  Mr. Russo is a good writer, who I guess lives somewhere nearby…

I finished the chapter at a point in my bus ride though, where I realized I wouldn’t be able to start and finish the next, or even get to a decent stopping point, and besides, this shiny feeling was demanding I look out the window anyway.  I live for these delightful moments where I see the beauty of Albany (or Troy or Schenectady or wherever in this region I may happen to be), and today’s gorgeousness has really struck me. 

In spite of whatever rough beast slouches toward Bethlehem (and for grins, there is a Town of Bethlehem in the area!), I see there is beauty all around me.  And it occurred to me as well, that Nimue, who is mostly seen as a spring energy, is dancing around and turning all the leaves to golds, browns, yellows, rusts, honey-colors, reds, etc.  She’s saying “Oh look at how pretty they are!  So what if they’re going to fall off soon and clog up your drains, and make things slippery?  Who cares?  See how pretty they are?” 




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