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What actions can any of us take? October 8, 2008

Posted by frostwolftfirerose in Capital Region Notions.
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Even from when I was a child, I felt an immediate and visceral distrust of anyone who “went jingo” on me.  Or anyone else.  Pseudopatriotic nationalist thugs–the stoopid’Merkans I blogged about before– who attempt to intimidate anyone who disagreed with their simplistic yet complicated and convoluted viewpoints always pretty much raised my hackles, even as a kid and I still feel that way to this very day.  To use a 12-step tool, when asking myself do these stoopid’Merkans possess any sort of character traits I want, I would have to say I’d be hard pressed to find any.  Sometimes these s’Ms are overly garrulous to begin with, because they want you to owe them, and their vampiry, their cuntishness would play upon that perceived debt of “kindness”.  The type of people who have what I want are not calculatedly kind, but simply practice compassion and lovingkindness because they like it.  Because it is its own reward, and from my own anecdotal experience, I see that is indeed the case.

There have been rumblings about the coup that has already taken place.  That there has been a slo-mo 9/11 of more gargantuan proportions going on right now, and people such as Naomi Wolf are ringing the alarm bells.  And I hear them, and I even got her book out of the library.  Though I think the old solutions of voting and “taking back our government” add up to about as much as the so-called bailout will do to stem the tide of the economic armageddon raining down on us all.

It’s hard for me to come out and say, like others, that infinite love is the only answer.  And it’s not because I don’t believe that, but WTH does it mean really?  And how does one move forward with this when there are those who refuse access to their own higher selves?  I can pray others’ enlighten-and-endarkenment all I want, but like with any addiction, if the person(s) in question still reaps rewards from the status quo, then really pretty much the only prayer that I can offer is for that SQ to collapse and implode, which is what’s been going on–thank you very much.  And while I need to stay out of the way of those who would coerce me to follow the SQ (and thereby go down with the ship), neither do I want to spend time fighting a battle for a lost ship.  I want instead to craft a lifeboat for myself and local others of like mind and remove myself from this HMS Titanic ship of state.

So, I part company with Ms. Wolf and others who would seem to hold onto a discredited notion of a United States that stretches from sea to shining sea.  (And a Canada and a Mexico and a Brazil and a Russia and a China and an India, etc., etc.)  I do feel that having an engaged citizenry is key, and would definitely agree to that.  But no absentee rulership need apply.  Perhaps a small federation within a region–if it was this area, it might encompass what is now known as Schenectady County, Albany County, Rensselaer County, Saratoga County, Washington County, Greene County, Columbia County, the Berkshires in Western Massachusetts, and if they had the druthers, southern Vermont.  Or maybe it would extend as far north as the St. Lawrence River and over to the Connecticut River and down?  They’re idle thoughts, but I think a modest republic of that size would be eminently workable and easier on the planet.  And absentee state-control could not be applied–everyone in the regional “state” would have to participate in their own governance.  If we want to have a better than just-getting-by sort of life we need to participate.  (Vermont offers that sort of model to this day, and the various counties of northeastern New York could stand it for this mode of governance to travel the small distance to the west.)

Focus on the local.  Disengage from the tapeworm/vEmpire economy and political scene.  Cultivate our own local cultures–produce local writers’ plays, buy local artists’ work, support local farmers and restaurants that prefer their produce, dairy goods and meats, etc.  The Washington/Hollywood/Wall Street beauty contests were never ours to utilize, and they’ve only served to disconnect us from our true selves and the operations of our souls.  So reconnect to the beauty in our own countrysides, and revel in the glory of each season, however we find it and however it finds us.

Ms. Wolf’s latest — Give Me Liberty does look like it will have a lot of useful ideas and notions, most particularly that “American” is a state of mind.  I remember what Robert Pirsig noted in Lila about America–that the thing that attracted people to its shores was its attempted amalgamation of the Enlightenment with North American-indigenous ideas of self-governance.  This is part of the region that the Haudenosaunee (Iroquois Confederacy) had sustained itself after all.  It’s really the Iroquois understandings that have attracted so many immigrants here, and unfortunately the Enlightenment has not exactly proven itself to have been impermeable to imperial notions.  In fact, from the beachhead of bastardized Newtonianism aka “scientism” (as opposed to science, for even Newton was open and intrigued by his studies of alchemy and avidly approached it, scholar that he was!), imperial arrogance has been able to sway technology for its aggressive, violent, thoughtless and addictive ventures. 

Taking a pause.  That’s probably the best action any one can take.  Ask questions.  Be comfortable in saying “I don’t know.”  Notice when people are trying to pressure you, and also notice when people are being reactive.  Ask them to take a breath and focus on the present moment.  We have all the time in the world.



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