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Another past life – American Revolutionary Times October 7, 2008

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Discovering past lives is not really that hard.  Sometimes it’s about taking a feeling I have, and asking why it’s there.  One time, a therapist asked me about a certain awful feeling I had, to think back to the very first time I ever felt that way, and I was surprised to go to a memory when I was not even 6 months old.  It was really quite vivid, though strangely enough it was like I was watching a film of myself as this infant who was playing with a ball, and a mangy dog came over to me and grabbed the ball in its mouth and dragged me along for a few feet before I let go of it.  And I cried and cried and my mother didn’t come–she was outside.  A woman I’d never seen before came in and saw me, and she picked me up to comfort me with a confused look on her face.  I’m sure she was thinking “How did he get so far away from that blanket on the floor?”  And I remember her sweater vividly.  It was brown with some stripes across it.  I also saw her hair and that she wore glasses.  A part of me thought “I made this up,” though it was really useful in the therapeutic session.  Years later, at a family reunion on my mother’s side, I saw a picture of that woman–she was a cousin of my mother’s, and she had visited Denver where I was born and I saw the sweater and the hairdo and the glasses. 

So, I take it it really happened.  And I’m amazed at the recording device that is my brain.

I’ve been able to take things farther back with the help of guides.  Now, this will probably strike more than a few people as strange, but my primary guide since 1989 or so (and probably before, though I was not aware of it) has been Benjamin Franklin.  Yes, that founding father.  He once told me though that in a previous life, I was one of those pesky fellows who dithered about making a choice–am I a tory or a rebel?  I saw the need for rebellion, but I was afraid of the consequences.  And not without good reason, mind you–a number of the rebels ended up paupers at the end of the conflict, in addition to those who ended up 6 feet under.  Still, they were better off than the tories, weren’t they?  At least those who didn’t abduct themselves back to the dowager-motherland.  I ended up broken and despised, and I caused my own death as much because of my own self-hatred as because I had earned the enmity of others.

Ben has always said to me that I have other choices in this lifetime and certain duties to fulfill.  That this is one of my greatest lives as this spirit emanation.  “Josiah Cotton” reflected certain dormancies that were not accessible to me at the time of that life.  Of course I have to think about the other pre-American nation life I know about, that of Eamon Andrew Brian Tracy, who died in indentured servitude from all the abuses he/I underwent.  It seems fitting to be thinking about all these things, especially as Pluto starts its ingress into Capricorn for 15 or so years of dislocation and pain and healing of the material landscape. 

And I’m thinking about a number of interesting rumblings taking place in this world right now, and wondering where to put my focus.  Some would say, on my ability to love.  Some would say on my creativity and passion.  Some would say fight back.  Some poor souls would have me believe I should vote for Obama–though at this point, I really still wonder if there will even be an election.  Things are falling apart pretty fast, with dizzying speed, and I think the acceleration is already catching a lot of people off guard, wreaking havoc like the hurricanes that have washed over our shores. 

I drew the 2 of wands today, which counsels me to cross stablity and dynamism together and see what I get.  The Kali Yuga churns on as I write these words, as it has since centuries before we were even Milky Ways in our daddies’ back pockets.  Hopefully we are getting ready for huge phase changes that will bring us back to our real selves, and that will push the psychopaths off into… wherever t.f. they’d like to go once their awareness that there’s nothing left to suck here sinks in.



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