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Nature in the Hands of a 6 Year-Old Girl October 3, 2008

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I like to make it rain.  Yea, rain!  I like to feel the rain just glide off me, like I’m a slip-n’-slide on legs!  I like to just slide all over the place.  When it rains, I become the raindrops.  All over my nekkid, nekkid, nekkid body!  All of them, every single one!  Hey, maybe if I make it rain alotta lotta lot, I’ll be sliding all over the world, yea!  Oh, how I’d like to become a big old scary thunderstorm!  I’ll boom up the thunder box and terrify all the doggles and kitties!  Yeah!  I’ll send down lightning because… Well because I can!

Hey, there you awful oak tree!  How’s about I snap off a couple of your limbs because…  I just don’t like ‘em!  Make you look better without all that limbage.  Yeah!  I’d sweep away lots of buildings, right into the sea!  Outta my way, Empire State Building!  I hear the tallest building is in Malaysia?  Well, we’ll see about that, Typhoon Nimue’s comin’!  Poooshh-pkaw-POW! Yeah!!

I like the winds to blow too, I want the winds to carry me everywhere!  Whoosh!  I will fly through the air, a birdie!  I’m a plane, I’m an eagle riding on the breeze—or maybe a wren.  Maybe even a bat!  Or just a little girl fie-fie-flying through the windy windy wind!  Maybe I’ll be the big bad wolf and blow your house down!  I like to watch things get busted, I do.

I like to build them back up, but the way I like them to be.  Make ‘em all pretty with glitter and jewels.  I like jewels, I’d like for houses to be built with shiny sparkly things in them.  And then I like to bust ‘em down again, and build them back up, and bust ‘em down again.  Make you eat mud pies, yum, yum, mother earth is tasty ain’t she?

And I like to set things on fire, too.  Oooh! Volcanoes blowing are the best of the best.  Only a Virgil sacrifice will make me happy.  Not virgin, Virgil.  I want to smoke me up some man meat! Rargh!  I like lightning too.  (Yeah, I already mentioned that, what are you gonna do about it, chum?  I’ll fight you!  I’ll take you on.)

And then you can serve me tea.  Because I’m a princess, donchaknow!  Princess Nimue Goldfist.  That’s me!

Oh, a pony!  Make me a black one?  Pretty pleeeeeeeez!  Mommy!?

(Sorry that this is in courier.  At least that’s how it looks to me right now on my screen.  Will it post that way?  I assume it will, but I type creative pieces like the above in courier.  The playwright in me.)



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