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Continued Observations October 2, 2008

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The other day when I observed those ducks in the Hudson River, and mused about swimming against the tide, not to merely swim against it but also to pick up valuable goodies along the way resonates a bit deeper with me today.  I am the president of the board of a local theater company, and as a playwright-director-actor (in that order), I have been wanting to be a part of a theater company that supports local playwrights.  Our theater also operates under a “guild” format, which is to say that it is to foster people in their theatrical careers.  It would seem to me an incomplete guild that did not offer incentives to playwrights to hone their craft. 

So someone with an interest in our company stated his objections, and yesterday I was feeling a mite “torked out” by it.  There are three decent writers on the board of this group, and we are all wanting to see our works be presented as part of a season of plays.  I feel I have several plays that are good enough for that, and simple enough to produce as well.  I need to be politic about my response, which I have thus far deferred.  But I’ve also been musing about my participation in the arts at the moment.  Actually, my participation in pretty much everything is under review, because I know that what this body-mind-soul-spirit needs most is an extended period of quiet.

I will hopefully be attending to that over Columbus Day weekend and going to the Gathering Inn for a couple of days.  I’m eager to get up to Vermont again–I really feel there’s something there for me, and the curiosity drives me toward it.  Also it feeds my fetch and my soul, and most likely this is being directed by my God-self as well as Gaia too. 

And one other thing:  Last night in my session with my therapist, I poked at that dream I posted about yesterday, where I was the nun careening around this sacristy, being chased by the Mother Superior, who I felt betrayed me, and some dark thug, though it was unclear just how “good” I was in the dream as I was sprinkling gasoline on the wood floors and confidently expecting that someone would be striking a match and setting the whole thing ablaze.  There’s a lot more to this dream than meets the eye, and I remembered one other detail, that the Mother Superior looked like pictures I’ve seen of Catherine of Siena, but she was holding a gold candlestick-like object or chalice which reminded me of pictures of St. Clare.  And the Catherine picture also reminded me of the actress Jane Seymour.  The nun that was “me” in the dream (though all the characters in the dream are also me), reminded me of the mousy nun in Sister Act.

The thing too, about when I went into the Mother Superior’s quarters, I quick-changed back into my own persona, though now that I remember it more, I was the fat fellow that I used to be.  I was an overweight dude standing in the bathroom, desperately wanting to answer nature’s call, when Kevin Spacey and friend arrived, and they sat on the couch facing away from me.  I felt that they knew full well that I was there, and perhaps even knew I had to urinate.

Like I said, there’s a soulful mystery in this dream that ties in Nimue, the Teresa d’Avila material I’m reading, my cat (which was black and white), the cat I saw on the street yesterday that looked like Kitzel in the distance, and who knows what all else.  It might also tie into the prayers of collapse that I’ve been sending out.  For I’m “confident” about this as it all unfolds around me, and yes, I am scared about what next week in particular may bring.  This weirdness has to escalate I guess.  I don’t know why other than that addicts hit the bottoms that they require.  And we have a whole range of addictions to contend with.




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