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Weird Energies October 1, 2008

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Today I feel like I’m a vessel of incompatible forces.  I really don’t want to be here.  I don’t know where I want to be, though sitting by the Hudson River would be a good thing.  Yesterday I went to Riverfront Park, took off my shoes and socks and communed with the soil, the grass, the river and whatever other creatures would appear. 

I saw a pair of ducks paddling their feet furiously against the upstream tide.  (The Hudson is an estuary that flows both up and down, depending on the time of day.)  The ducks knew to paddle against the stream because it brought them goodies.  They made “progress” to the south, though I think their intent was solely to pick up food that came to them along the way.  I noticed them both dip their beaks into the water.  I took this as a sign for me to doggedly paddle against the tides of expectations and fears, but also to be alert for opportunities and “goodies” coming my way.  And to seal the deal, as it were, after I put my socks and shoes back on and started back toward the office, I saw 7 Canadian geese fly from over this little hillock directly over my head and head north, against what I would expect if they were starting their migration.  I’ve been noticing the number 7 a lot, a mystical number.  7 chakras, 7 mansions of the soul, 7 points on the God Star, 7 directions (N, E, S, W, above, below, center).  The divination is from Goddess.

Still, I see that I really need to limit my Internet activity right now.  The craziness emerges all around us, and as we start to really see what is with us, as we start to really understand the nature of darkness and light, and how the two interact in divine twinning, how the challenges presented to us as we strive to embody our best and brightest Selves in our Divinity, we also get to make choices along the way.  We get a chance to find the opportunities amidst the difficulties.  We get to create this ad hoc reality that becomes more and more unstable by the day.  It’s wet, wild and wooly, and right now, it feels rather icksome to be honest.  TTSP–this too shall pass.



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