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The Spirit of a Housewarming September 29, 2008

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It’s been a few months since I moved into my new apartment.  I moved in on Memorial Day and it’s taken me pretty much until now to feel “moved in.”  So I decided a couple of weeks ago to throw a housewarming potluck, to celebrate my good fortune at finding this delightful place.

It may seem obvious to those who have held housewarming parties, but it really does “make the home warm” to the occupant who’s been graced with the stewardship of this space.  The place feels christened now.  There was a delightful sparkliness to the place after everyone left.  My partner met a few of the people who I’ve referred to by name, and he liked them immensely.  And I was gratified that people from three areas of my life could come.  As of yet, I don’t really have any pagan fellow travelers with whom I can connect in this area.  Hopefully that will change, but it was good enough to have people from my various 12-step programs and the theater come by and celebrate this delightful space.

There weren’t that many people, but I didn’t really need to have a lotta-lotta people stop by.  It was perfect the way it was, and the spirits of the people who came by added just what was needed to Gunder’s and my space.  Even though I’m still sad from the loss of my Kitzel-bitz, I am really glad I had this party.  It was really simple–I made it a potluck and Jody and I cooked a bunch of chicken and roasted vegetables.  Other people brought various goodies–turkey chili, sauerkraut, kashi, fruit salad, shrimp pasta salad (which unfortunately I couldn’t eat) and Joanne A. brought the most amazing soup–split pea, beets, kale and leeks with some various additions that I can’t remember.  Yum!

I was very much pleased all in all.  The place houses that warmth, and it affected my altar work last night and again this morning.  That shiny, delightful feeling continues into this day.



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