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An Al-Anon … Whatever – quick post September 29, 2008

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So last Friday, I decided to respond to a post that this fellow put up in response to my post at another blog.  He chose to “call” me on using divinations–specifically the Goddess Cards of Doreen Virtue.  And, well, I was at first inclined to let it go.  To be honest, I just glanced over the comment and thought, feh!  He’s a right to his own opinion.  That’s cool, yada yada…  Anyway, two other commenters came to my defense and I just thought, hm.  Maybe this is an opportunity.  So I went back and read his post, which wasn’t merely a mindless attack on me.  But it was clearly an emotional response and one that muddled thinking.  And so I thought, “aha!  An opportunity presents itself!” And so I posted this long-ass response.

I was actually quite proud of what I wrote–it’s at smokingmirrors blog over on blogspot.  And both my first and second posts were rather lengthy.  While I affirmed this fellow’s right to his feelings, I did also have to make comment about what I perceive as an abdication of one’s own sacred authority.  We can agree to disagree I think. 

So, I checked into the site today–I don’t really get much of an opportunity to post on weekends, and I didn’t think about the Internet at all during that time.  I was mildly disappointed to see that the fellow responded with basically a “choose ya” sort of retort–like “Oh, yeah, I’ll show YOU who’s boss.”  Which I found sad because … well, I see I wasted my time.  Sort of.

Maybe I didn’t, but it’s clear the fellow can only identify people as “for” or “Against.”  And if someone says, “Well, have you considered–“, then you will be moved from for to against, assuming you were in the For category to begin with.  My intention was to plant a seed.  That’s been done.  Time to move on.  But even so, the temptation to continue it on was there.  I can see where it would lead. 

So, I’d have to say “Go with God” if that’s where you need to go, sir.  But I go with God and Goddess my own way.  Ache!



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