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Divination about the collapse September 26, 2008

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11:50 a.m., 9/26/08

All right:  Here’s how the cards came up, using the Radiant Tarot.

First, based on all the numbers that came up, the major arcana card that links everything together is, appropriately, Death.

Past influence – 2 swords – The stalemate we witnessed come to fruition last night has been long established. 

Present influence – 3 wands – A general taking stock, assessment of the situation.  Some people are attempting to come to a more noble idea of how to proceed, but there are always arrogant and errant psychopaths to deal with, because …

Future influence – 7 swords – There is trickery afoot — some of these thug/thieves are going to try to get their way.  And they have a lot of tricks, a lot of tools.  The interesting thing is that I think that most people are seeing them.

The focus of the reading – 9 wands.  People in general are wary, vigilant, beleaguered.  This I think is all to the good.  For the moment, there is nothing out there, but it could be coming.  Something could happen, and it’s like we’re expecting that 7 swords energy.

General environment – The World.  I’m interpreting this to mean that Mother Earth herself is pushing a lot of this, and I have the sense that it is for our own good.  The World can be a Saturn card though, and we’re facing the consequences of our actions, but also that material abundance and prosperity can still arise and is actually a part of our environment right now.  Walking barefoot on the earth really helps right now, even in these times that are getting colder…

Blocked path – The Sun.  This saddens me, and I’m not completely sure what this means other than that this won’t be a light-filled path we walk.  We will be struggling in the dark, and it’s necessary.  Last night I had a conversation with my best friend about the value of the dark–too often there are “light fundamentalists” out there, who forget one basic fact:  Our hearts, lungs, livers, muscles, etc., those parts of our bodies that are under the skin N E E D  T H E   D A R K ! ! !  We can’t have light without it.  And we are born in darkness and we are interred in darkness and mystery itself, the charge and spark of life, the black sun inside us all, lives and thrives on darkness.  Perhaps it’s telling us that we have O.D.’d on light and need to embrace that other side, which has also been identified with the feminine.  The outcome card actually would seem to confirm this:

Outcome – Temperance.   Balancing the light and the dark, the male, the female, the gay and the straight.  The poor with the rich to create real wealth, real sexuality, real connection to All That Is.

“The Lens” – 10 cups –  The way we are looking at the situation collectively would seem to indicate we are operating from a place of faith in happiness.  From a place of being sated.  In fact, I think of this as not so good–it’s like the feeling one has after they’ve eaten too much.  It’s that sick sugar-coma feel or the hangover after a bender as well as that feeling of being sated.  This depends on the person viewing the situation.  There are addicts out there who can never get enough, even when their bodies tell them “stop. Now. PLEASE??!”  But …

That card I mentioned at the beginning, Death–the situation is undergoing transformation and all these possibilities that I’ve mentioned are coming out right now.  It looks like it will have a positive ending–though I don’t want to be too optimistic.  I don’t use reversed cards.  The Temperance card reversed frequently can mean that the apple cart is upset and it needs to careen its merry way until the apples stop rolling and the situation can be put to right.  So that could be a factor in all this as well.  Stuff to keep in mind.



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