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More thoughts on the Collapse – a laundry list September 25, 2008

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The most important thing is to keep the focus on what is in front of me, what is in front of each one of us, and there are a lot of things on which to focus.  It is quite easy to get distracted, however.  And I keep thinking about this one notion, that Douglas Rushkoff took a whole book to discuss. 

Coercion, Or Why We Listen to What They Say was a book that taught me a lot, not only about myself and just how exquisitely vulnerable I am, and that one of those hooks that “They” (which is sometimes “I” or “We” I have to add) get me/us (you/them) is by appealing to my sense that “I can’t be fooled.”  They lull me into that state of hypergullibility, and I’m probably going to make a decision that I will regret.  In a way that’s how I got into the student loan vEmpire game, and by extension the whole card-house collapsing “joyfully” around us all.  The predators out there who have no conscience, who benefit from this creation of a sense of illusory power that is really rooted in fear of losing face, they seek to find these modes to put me into fear.

I’m glad that people are FINALLY waking up to the fact that “President Mondo Fucko” (I love that Melissa McEwan calls the chimperor that!) has been relying on that game a la Jim Broadbent’s impresario character in Moulin Rouge and the Wizard in The Wizard of Oz of trying to rely on bluster and instilling fear into people in order to fleece and further manipulate them.  I’m not sure if he himself has been manipulated by others with more devious agendae, or if, as Karen Bishop notes over at whatsuponplanetearth.com, that he is a bodhisattva doing his best to bring forth awareness of what we don’t want.

There is a quality of “Are you done now?  How about now?  No?  Well, what if I do this?  Are you done NOW????” about this whole affair.  That Neptune in Aquarius notion of trusting the ick-spurts to handle this situation is finally blowing up in the ick-spurts faces–Spurt! Ick! ew….–and the Neptunian glamoury of this awfulness is coming to a head. 

John Michael Greer wrote this thoughtful piece at the archdruidsreport where he basically says that going into an economic depression would be a good treatment for what ails us.  A reading of Thomas Moore’s Care of the Soul and Dark Night of the Soul offer a number of benefits to going through the feelings of despondency and grief, the feelings of futility and suffering. 

I wrote the other day about my cat’s passing, that I feel like there’s this black sun burning inside me.  It’s a “heavy fire” as it were.  Or perhaps a blazing heaviness that generates this warmth that holds some form of comfort inside it.  Paradoxically, the expression of my feelings of sadness and loss have been a boon on more than one level.  On some level, Kitzel, by his passing and his wisdom in choosing the past weekend to cross over, has initiated a course of grieving for me.  His won’t be the only death that hits me.  I really sense that, and I really don’t like it. 

It might be that I will be one of those deaths.  Some predictions are being made for the date October 7, 2008.  Some of these people have some awareness of financial-historical trends and are making an educated guess.  Then there are the “Web-bots” out there that are making similar predictions.  Rather disconcerting, if you ask me, that there seems to be a confluence on that date.  Coupled with the notion of October surprises that emerge right before s/elections in the United Sludgemeisters of An-america, and my own supposition that there would not be an election after all this year (and Democracy Now!’s reporting that there have been military troops deployed to the U.S. from NORTHCOMM for … well, I can only imagine what these vampires are cunting [sic] on), I am looking ahead with curiosity on this whole matter. 

I like what others are saying though.  GAME OVER.  The vEmpire nuts are on the run whether they know it or not.  And because in some ways the world is a smaller place, and also because there are shamanic practitioners who can probably assist in locating these jerkwads should they try to vacate by any means possible, they will be brought forward for reckoning and disposition, as will whatever nonterrestrial intelligences that are driving these individuals to their zombi-fied actions. 

I also like the notion of ordinary poverty that Sharon Astyk remarks on that is a part of our general history.  Guess I’m sort of acting as a cheerleader here, which is a good role for me.  But


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