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Forgot Everything’s All Right/FEAR September 23, 2008

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Earlier today I posted to sharonastyk.com about another person’s post that spoke of the possibility of “ending up on a list” to be rounded up for … di-di-di-duuuuuuunh, a FEMA camp perhaps.  (I’m reading between the lines on that one.)  And I responded with questions about whether the poster and others desire to live in fear and I used all the acronyms I could remember and even made up a couple of my own.

My favorite Fear acronym is the one above.  And I have been told by my various guides time and time again that I have nothing to fear.  And since I’m not really afraid of death, I know on some inchoate level that I really am all right.

Guides and sojourners along the path have this deep sense that all is/will be well.  And I even read David Wilcox’s most recent 2012 essay (linked to from mayanmajix.com’s “spiritual” articles link) which posited that there would be a sorting based on what happens with people in 2012 as our bodies catapult into the fourth dimension.  I’ve had for a couple of years now a sense of a future sorting happening, and have even tried to write short stories and monologues about it. 

See, I really do think that a “Big Eden” sort of existence not only is possible and desirable, it’s inevitable at this point.  Personally, I feel that a collapse would be more beneficial than this brazen attempt to round everyone up as if we were all Jews/gypsies/communists/gays, etc. and be-Matrix us if you will.  (Again, neocons plan and the Goddess laughs!)  And perhaps that will happen, but I’m also open to something else happening too.  Whatever that might be.

I’m sort of with P.K. Dick re: revolution–I think it’s not really worth it in the long run if all we do is become the new caesar/kaiser/dictator/Stalin-action-figure or whatever despotic image comes to mind.  Really what’s needed, imho, is that we just shrug our shoulders and go “feh” and with people’s attempts to marshal our energies to some ego-driven mishagoss to look sideways at them and go “meh.” Move on to focus on our own personal spiritual authority and connect with others who have similar notions and vibes, and even those who don’t but live in the same community.

The Black Iron Prison reveals itself for what it is–the Tower of Babel that is coming crashing down now all around us.  It’s a virtual prison, and our shackles have been in our minds.  And there will be those who insist on keeping these blinders on, poor dears.  They, like the “conservatives” I mocked in a previous pithy post, will be offended that others are figuring things out for themselves, and waking up.  “En’t amurrrrkin to wake up.  Must sleep, must be patriot.” Og-merkan say, with a snort.


That sort of sorting I look forward to.  Let the Morlocks eat of each other’s ickly fleshel-flesh.  The rest of us will evolve, though it won’t be without some pain, some withdrawal feelings.  I’ve been through that a couple of times already.  I embrace the next round with eagerness.



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