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Sharing the duties with Ben F./Neptune in Aquarius September 22, 2008

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I will have to check my last entry about my cat.  Grief does have its own rhythm, and I am allowing myself to let it ride me, and to ride it into an integration with all my parts. 

Thankfully, I won’t be blogging about my grieving process all the time.  Though this entry is related to my cat’s passing-over.  Yesterday and today, I was visited in my meditations by Albus Dumbledore.  Yes, sometimes fictional characters do become guides–but as a writer of different forms myself, I can testify that the worlds and works that writers create are real in a very meaningful sense.  I love to envision myself at Hogwarts, even though in waking life I am rather troubled that I should like to feel comfortable in such a paternalistic environment.  Yet McGonagall and Dumbledore especially seem to wear their authority rather easily and to allow their students to discern these aspects for themselves.  They exemplify a pedagogy that arises from a deep well of respect and love for humanity in all its parts.

Dumbledore and Ben Franklin now share their role as primary guides for me.  Since A.B.W.P.D. (?) is also a gay wizard with whom I have a great affinity, this seems appropriate.  Ben has been bemused by the turn of events with me, and all the guides, gods, devas, etc. that have been coming out of the woodwork to assist in this odd transformation gonig on.  While I am sad about Kitzel, I have the sense that he was partly called to assist me in an “ancestral” role.  He will occupy a significant part of my altar from now on.  That much is for sure.

Through this hard patch/path coming up I sense that I am guided and protected, and that I am here to help those “who have ears to hear and eyes to ascertain.”  Kitzel-bitz’s passing prepares me to accept others’ choices toward … well, toward the great hereafter.  I suspect that all those WallStreeters have made this choice out of their psychotic compulsions.  Perhaps some of them will wake up from their stupor and their glamoury.

Speaking of which, I wanted to make a couple of observations about Neptune in Aquarius that I spoke about with Jody the other night.  This configuration does seem to anesthetize the rebel inside us, and weaken the effectiveness of the part of us that screams “back off” or “get off my foot, you mo-fo bitch!”  It also casts Aquarian roles such as the tech-expert or the arcane-obscurantist-innovator into a haze of glamor.  They get befogged by our rose-colored fantasies and we end up being enthralled by whatever they say.  And if they have a vampire aspect, all the better.  Then we are like eloi to the morlocks.

And that is what I wonder about the American populace, particularly the “land whales” as J.H. Kunstler labeled them.  But not only them.  There are a lot of people who do NOT want to think for themselves and they get offended if people make informed choices r/t reacting to situations the way that “authorities” and ick-spurts want them to.  They’re the ones that Derrick Jensen talked about in Endgame:  They will go to the gas chambers because they’re convinced they’re just going to the bathroom. 

And sad as that is, maybe that’s just the way it’s supposed to be.  People such as this will act as a drag on the rest of humanity who will have to struggle for a bit to clear the fog from our heads and get our brains back.  In sobriety terms, that takes at least 5-7 years and frequently more time than that.  I see that I get my brains back in one sense, and then I see that I’m fogging myself up in another area.  Sobriety and abstinence and solvency (Yeesh!) are like that.

We are going to move into a society for those who want it, not those who “need” it.  Which won’t be easy.  It will take a lot of serenity and struggle and patience to create our own public big-edens.  May we all show up.  For in the Harry Potter books, Dumbledore, whatever else people might say, stresses the importance of love, and whatever people might say about David Icke and his notion of shapeshifting aliens running/ruining the planet, his notion that love is the key component to the resolution of all our dilemmas harmonizes with this.  (Though D.I. has nothing but contempt for the world of J.K. Rowling.  Ah well.  To each his own.)

And that love, that Big Eden heart is what I want for you and for myself.  For I am another yourself.

In Lak’ech!



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