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More about Vermont September 19, 2008

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A couple of weeks ago, I posted about an interesting moment in time where I communed with Mother Earth and she led me to take a trip to a place in Vermont.  Which I did over the weekend.  Vermont has some of the prettiest driving I’ve ever seen.  I particularly loved the stretch between Rochester and Yestermorrow, which was my ultimate destination.  I got up there, and true to form for a free-to-be-you-and-me sort of place as Yestermorrow ultimately is, there wasn’t anyone there to give me a tour.  Which was actually just fine with me, because the place does allow for a lot of possibilities.  I really liked the juice of the place, and it was all coming up from the land itself.

Anyway.  A few days have gone by, and I’m in the … well, I am where I’m at.  I AM THAT I AM, or whatever.  And I have these different sites I log into every weekday, including carolynbaker.org.  One of these days I would like to have enough extra dough to be able to get the daily subscription, but right now things are tight.  Yesterday she had an interview with Tim and Sally Erickson on her site.  They interviewed a lot of other people whose work on the topics of collapse, peak oil, economic craziness, civilization’s insanity, etc. have also had an impact on my worldview.  They also have been seeing things in manner similar to my own, and they too have had to deal with OPD.  (Other People’s Denial.)  One of the people they interviewed was Carla Royal, who is a psychotherapist who has awakened to these issues as well.

Several months ago, I got in touch with Carla.  She is called to assist in the psychological preparations necessary for the transitions we are all having to participate in, to negotiate these choppy waters.  And I have a need to be recognized for it, but it does cause problems for me interpersonally.  I am swimming in a psychological pond that thus far, few people I know are aware that it exists.  I’ve had that experience where I say something I think is positive about the upcoming snafu, the ongoing clusterf*ck and it’s like I farted.

Well.  Come to find out, that the Ericksons and Carla have moved up to Vermont, and that had I known they were there, I could have stopped in at their place.  I drove through Hancock, which has a delightful “Welcome to Hancock” sign, I might add.  There is something otherworldly about the Mad River Valley, and mama Gaea knows something for me.  I’m not sure if my ultimate destination might not be The Gathering Inn, but I’m eager to see where Mother Earth wants me to go, and what sort of line of work will be developing for me.

For some reason, amongst all the other things I see myself doing in the future, I see myself lending my muscle and brains to a construction project.  Part of me has wondered if it isn’t in my mother’s town of Devils Lake, North Dakota.  I see a place similarly situated.  And it’s a project in which I exert no control, but in which my participation is very much valued.  So perhaps there is some sort of Yestermorrow connection there.  It’s something that feels like a dream–I find myself having a reverie looking into the morning sunlit sky.  It feels like the fall, also, based on the light.  More like November though, but not necessarily 2 months hence.

There is some sort of quickening taking place though.  I sense it building and the anticipation is delightful.  Merry Mabon, Salacious Samhain, Yummy Yule, and Impish Imbolc are coming up in rapid succession.  Yippee skippee, ki-yippy-yippy-yay!


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