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Could it be? September 19, 2008

Posted by frostwolftfirerose in Uncategorized.

that neither candidate for the POTUS office really wants to win?  That maybe, they both are looking at this whole shebang and asking themselves “What the hell am I thinking?”  The thought crossed my mind yesterday that Obama’s professorial tone together with McCain’s primate behavior (Spain, a dictatorship in Latin America?  WTF???) make for a very sad spectacle.  It’s sort of like watching the original Tampa Bay Buccaneers (sorry, I don’t know what NFL team is “in the cellar” right now)shooting hoops against the perennial also-ran Chicago Cubs for the World Cup. 

Keystone Kops run and participate in an election, uff da!

Not that I am planning on voting or anything.  If I was registered, I might consider voting for C. McKinney, but I’m more inclined not to participate at all.

Btw, will have another blog post later.  Some interesting stuff is going on these days.  Fall Equinox is in the air, and I love this time of year.


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